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SEREPICK OSS Lapel Dagger – Zirconia Ceramic

Fact: OSS Lapel Daggers are cool.

Fact: Zirconia Ceramic is a cool material.

Fact: OSS Lapel Daggers made from Zirconia Ceramic are extra cool.

SEREPICK’s OSS Lapel Dagger stays true to the original OSS daggers in a lot of ways. The overall shape and size are similar. The sheath can be stitched into a garment like some of the originals. It also has texture applied to the grip for the thumb. However this version has one trick that the originals didn’t. It’s non-ferrous due to its Zirconia Ceramic construction.

These are fairly limited in terms of production and limited production items like this tend to sell out quickly at SEREPICK. Act fast if you want one.



If you are a lock bypass nerd like me, you likely remember the SEREPICK OSS Tool Set that we previewed here on the pages of JTT. I have good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news… The initial run of 100 OSS Tool Sets sold out almost immediately. Poof. Gone.

The good news is two-fold. You can see images and specs of the kit at SEREPICK.com now and SEREPICK tells me that they will offer subsequent runs of the OSS Tool Sets based on demand. I would think that selling 100 units in the blink of an eye shows sufficient demand for another run.

The OSS Tool Kit includes several items. The tool itself has two different rakes (Bogota and City Rake), a long reach hook, and stainless saw blade. The tension wrench is included and the entire kit nests inside a rubber carrier that can be easily concealed.

The best way to get one of these hot ticket items is to keep your eyes on SEREPICK’s Instagram feed. They often announce the availability of limited runs there first.


Sneak Peek: SerePick OSS Mini Pick Set

Do you wish you had an original WWII issued OSS Lock Picking Knife? Of course you do, those things are awesome but they are expensive, hard to find, and the state of the art has passed them by. Fortunately, SerePick is working on a modern incarnation of the original that benefits from everything SerePick know about bypassing locks and building tools to do it effectively.

The images included with this post show a prototype. Some production features are not shown like an included nesting tension wrench. However, you can see the included rakes, reach hook, and stainless saw blade.

Stay tuned for images and information on the production version.


SerePick Bogota Pi Wallet Kit

SerePick is now offering a very unique wallet that is designed to carry your cash and credit cards, your Bogota Pi Entrytool kit, and… teach you to saddle stitch.


SerePick and Fabnik collaborated on the design of the wallet which comes in kit form with everything you need to assemble it yourself. That’s right. You get to assemble the wallet. The instructions exist in the form of an Instructable.

The wallet looks great and it is made from durable goat skin. Check out the new Bogota Pi Wallet Kit at SerePick.


Bogota Pi PVC Case from SerePick

SerePick just released a new PVC case that is designed specifically for the Bogota Pi set which has already been released for a few months. The new case features 4 slots for the components of the set and a slip pocket on the back for holding credit or business cards. The entire case along with the picks and cards can be carried in a wallet.

This case will be included with Bogota Pi sets from now on. If you have already purchased a Bogota Pi set and did not receive the case, contact SerePick and they will hook you up. Check out the Bogota Pi set at SerePick.

bogota pi pvc case

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