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Lightning Review: Scalegarden Custom Scales for Cold Steel AD-15

The Cold Steel AD-15 is an excellent knife with some very, very aggressive G-10 (or polymer on the AD-15 Lite) scales from the factory. Those scales are great for grip in difficult conditions but they are murder for your pants pockets. Thankfully, there is a new alternative from Scalegarden.

Scalegarden offers custom scales for the AD-15 in carbon fiber, natural canvas micarta, and orange canvas micarta. I have the natural canvas micarta scales and they completely change this knife. They look great, offer excellent grip, fit perfectly, and actually make the AD-15 practical for EDC… at least as practical as a knife this beefy can be.

Stay tuned for a review of the Cold Steel AD-15. Visit Scalegarden to learn more about their AD-15 scale options: Scalegarden

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