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Review: S2Delta 1-6X24 Carbine Scope

You may recall that I reviewed the S2Delta 1-4X24 Carbine Scope last year and, in my opinion, it was the best budget low power variable optic (LPVO) available… especially since it retails for less than $200 on Amazon. That optic is a true competitor to the biggest players in the budget optic space at an incredible price… with Prime shipping to boot! What do you do to top that? Well, you bring out a 1-6X24 version of the same optic with all the same strengths and, while you are at it, you improve your already great reticle.

I was fortunate to get to spend time with the first and only production unit of the new 1-6X24 Carbine Scope which should be newly available at the time of this writing. The following are my thoughts based on that time in which I was instructed not to baby this optic in spite of the fact that it was the only production version in S2Delta’s possession at the time!

I am going to frame this review in the context of the 1-4X version of this optic which I am more familiar with having owned 2 of them. This also seems appropriate given my impression that this 1-6X24 is very much an improved version of the 1-4X24.

In my opinion, the original 1-4X24 is a great budget optic on the strength 3 features that S2Delta majored on: Reticle, Glass, and Turrets. The clear emphasis on these perceived quality features are all clearly present on the new 1-6X24 version (or in even improved in one case).

Reticle – The reticle in the 1-6X is the same trend busting reticle that I loved in the original 1-4X. Most ranging/BDC reticles on the market are floating reticles with thick, eye-catching elements rings or horseshoes. S2Delta’s reticle takes the time-honored approach of providing a finer (but still eye-catching) reticle with full crosshairs to draw the eye to the aiming point. This provides a balance of speed and precision that I appreciate.

I describe my experience with this reticle in-depth in my original review so I won’t spend many more words on it here other than to say that the reticle really benefits from the new 1-6X format. This SFP reticle appears larger and more legible at 1X (which corrects the criticism by some user’s that the 1-4X can be hard to read due to its small size). It is an excellent and thoroughly modern reticle and this is the best iteration of it to date.

Turrets – I know from talking to S2Delta that they wanted to convey the quality of these optics through the parts like the turrets and magnification ring with which the user interacts. The magnification ring, with its included removable throw lever, turns smoothly (even more smoothly than the 1-4X that I have on hand). Like the 1-4X, the turrets are particularly noteworthy in how positively and audibly they click through their adjustments. These optics have very nice turrets.

When I first received the optic (along with a borrowed Geiselle mount from S2Delta), I leveled and mounted the scope with the intent of starting my testing with a box test. The 1-6X passed that test and I was glad to have that kind of bench shooting out of the way. The positive action of the turrets makes this kind of diagnostic task less painful.

Glass – Finally, the optical quality is still good enough that I think the 1-6X punches above its weight class. My impressions were that the 1-4X is slightly brighter and possibly a bit more clear from edge to edge but the 1-6x is no slouch. The additional magnification is welcomed.

The glass is brighter and clearer than two other older LVPOs from other large US-based brands that cost more than twice as much. The 1-4X showed similar performance so this was not surprising. I am not trying to say this is going to be better than premium glass, just that it performs well in its class and better than you might think with its price tag. This is still a budget optic but it clearly benefits from the impressive improvements that many Asian OEM optics have seen in optical quality recently. This glass will not hold you back.

Other Observations – One thing that I particularly liked about the 1-4X, was the generous eye relief and eye box. I would say that the 1-6 may take just a bit of a step back in this area. The eye box isn’t tight or difficult to deal with but my impression is that it was not as forgiving as the 1-4X.

The 1-6X retains the neat fluted diopter ring of the 1-4X and the scope cap that interfaces it. This seems like a small thing but it allows the user to set their diopter ring and then mark its location by installing the scope cap with the hinge in a reference position. This effectively witness marks the diopter ring.

I put just over 300 round through two different rifles with this optic installed. During that admittedly small round count, it performed well. I didn’t do anything too crazy with it though it did get tipped off my truck unto the ground and some rocks at the range. This resulted in a hard knock to the scope cap. I confirmed that it held zero after this and noted that it did scrape some anodization off the scope caps.

Wrap Up

The retail price on the new 1-6X24 Carbine Scope is higher (currently $359) than that of the original 1-4X but it is still available from Amazon which is convenient. This price plants it firmly in the budget optic category where it delivers a compelling list of features that make it VERY competitive.

The 1-4X24 is still available at a steal of a price and still represents what might be the best value in this space. The 1-6X24 rounds out the S2Delta Carbine Optic line with an improved, slightly more premium option for those who love the reticle but want a little more from their optic.

You can check out the 1-4X24 and 1-6X24 Carbine Optics at the S2Delta website (the 1-6X should be listed shortly if it is not already): S2Delta.com

Both are also available via Amazon Prime in the S2Delta Amazon Store: 1-4X24 and 1-6X24 Carbine Scopes on Amazon

Sneak Peek: S2Delta 1-6×24 Carbine Scope

We posted a review of a very impressive budget optic, the S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope, last year. That optic boasted a useful reticle, excellent turrets, and surprisingly good glass – all for less than $200 shipped via Amazon Prime. It is a real contender among budget optics.

Now, S2Delta has given us a sneak peek of their followup optic, the 1-6×24 Carbine Scope. This optic takes the same ranging reticle and adds more magnification which makes the reticle appear slightly larger which some users will appreciate due to how compact the reticle is in the 1-4×24.

Externally, the 1-6×24 is basically identical to the 1-4×24 which is good news considering the build quality of the 1-4×24. The internals will differ with the change to a 1-6 erector assembly.

S2Delta is targeting a Fall 2020 release for this optic and expect the price to be in $300-$400 range.

You can check out our review the 1-4×24 Carbine Scope for background: S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope Review


S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope Reticle Added to Strelok Pro Library

The S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope is, in my estimation, the value leader in low power variable optics right now. It goes head to head with other value brands on the strength of its great reticle, glass quality, and turrets and yet it costs less than $200 via Amazon Prime! You can read our previous review here: S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope Review

Now there is another reason to consider this optic. The reticle is now available in the Strelok Pro ballistic calculator app. This gives the user access to a host of ballistic information regarding the drop and ranging features of the reticle as it pertains to their specific rifle and ammo selection. Search Strelok Pro in your smartphone’s app market to learn more.

Click here to learn more: S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Optic on Amazon (affiliate link)

Review: S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope – Is This the New Value Leader in LPVOs?

S2Delta sent me one of their new 1-4×24 Carbine Scopes to review. I turn down several budget optic reviews yearly because of obvious quality issues or a lack of anything original. However, this one grabbed my attention because of its unique reticle that includes several elements that I like and its incredible pricepoint. I am so glad I signed on for the review because it turns out there is a lot to say about this optic and it might just be the new budget LPVO king.


The S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope is in many ways a typical Asian OEM optic. S2Delta designed the reticle, specified the features, and then turned it over to a factory in China for production. This is quite common among affordable optics and not a bad thing as we have more and better affordable optics than ever because of it.

The Carbine Scope has a 30mm, one-piece tube. The entire optic, including the very nice knurled turrets (a very nice touch versus the mostly low profile plastic turrets at this price-point), is made from 6061 aluminum. The turrets are finger adjustable (1/2 MOA) and capped. The optic is nitrogen purged for fog-resistance.

The lenses are fully multi-coated. S2Delta tells me that, “The coatings are aimed at reducing glare/reflection, fog, and scratches.” The proprietary second focal plane reticle offers ranging and BDC out to 600 yards. It is etched and illuminated. The illumination offers 11 settings and it is bright though not “daylight” bright.

The Carbine Scope also includes a built-in throw lever for adjusting the magnification ring which is a very nice touch. It comes packaged with a good quality lens cloth, decent scope caps with a cool trick (more on these later), and Sony 2032 battery.

Observations from Use

Before I get too far into this review, I should set the tone. It may sound like I am gushing but that is only because I am genuinely impressed with this optic to the point that I have ordered another one. This optic made me change my tune from, “How good can a $150 optic be?” to, “How can a $150 optic be this good?” I should also point out that it isn’t just $150… It’s $150 shipped, via Amazon Prime. This optic is extremely accessible.

I should also state that, while I have already mentioned the price several times, I do not want to fixate on it too much. I think it is a good optic at 3-4x the price. In fact, it outperforms some optics that I own, which cost more than 6 times $150, on features and optical quality. This isn’t just a good optic for its price. I think it is just a good optic.

Now onto some more relevant observations from the time I’ve spent with the S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope…

Build Quality – The build quality appears to be on par with many similar optics but with some noted improvements. Like many Asian produced LPVOs for the “tactical” market, it has a reassuring heavy-for-size feel. It feels durable.

The Carbine Scope features excellent turrets that are an improvement over most optics at this price point. You’ll find large, nicely knurled aluminum, well-marked, finger-adjustable turrets under the caps. These turrets are more like exposed target turrets than the kind of low profile, plastic turrets typically hidden under the turret caps on a budget scope. The audible and tactile clicks that these turrets produce punch way above their weight class. According to S2Delta, these turrets are something that they wanted to get right and I would say they did. They are excellent.

This optic passed an initial box test which also provided a baseline for later durability testing. I mounted the scope in an Aero Precision Lightweight Mount and I realized early on that most of the typical durability testing would be more of a test of that mount than the optic itself. Fortunately, Ivan at Kit Badger gave me the idea to remove the optic from the host, drop it in the bed of my truck, and then start driving the National Forest roads near my home. That is just what I did for just over 12 miles and then immediately retried the box test. The optic passed and other than some finish wear the corners, it seems fine. Even the included scope caps are still functional.

This is a sample size of one so maybe this isn’t typical. However, given the durability seen from other OEM produced optics, I am not really surprised by these results… pleased, but not surprised.

Optical Quality – The folks at S2Delta tell me that optical quality is another element on which they majored in the design phase. I would say the optic quality is very good – better than expected by a large margin. On the plus side, I find it to be bright and quite clear. In my backwoods resolution tests, I was able to resolve individual pine needles on trees out to 75-100 yards in strong lighting (that is some backcountry science for you). It exhibits much less “fisheye” effect at 1X than any other 1-4X optic I own including some costing more than 6 times as much cash. I would say it is easily the truest 1x I have seen on a budget optic.

If you are used to premium glass, you won’t confuse this for truly premium glass. It shows some blurring at the extreme edges of the field of view and, as you would expect, some chromatic aberration. That sounds harsh without context. In context, this glass is far better than any budget optic I have used. It is better than many mid-range optics I have used. The glass on this optic will not hold you back. It is good in a vacuum and incredible at its price.

The tree line shown is 40 yards away. My photography does not do the optical quality of this scope (or any scope) justice. These photos are darker and exhibit much more blurring than the optic does in-person.

Reticle – As I said early in the review, the reticle is part of what grabbed my attention. The current market is laden with thick horseshoe/dot reticles that float in the center of the field of view. These reticles grab the eye but also occlude a lot of the view through the optic with their heavy, eye-catching elements. There are other ways of centering the eye; older ways that many reticle designers seem to have forgotten, like crosshairs.

S2Delta’s reticle has a horseshoe/dot design with a BDC extending below it. They have eschewed the heavy ring in favor of full, thin crosshairs that serve to bring the eye into the center of the reticle. I like this because it keeps all of the elements of reticle very thin which is conducive to precision and occludes less of your view. This approach really stands out in the current market and it works, though I do think it might have been even more eye-catching if the outer crosshairs were made slighter heavier like you might see in a German #4 or duplex reticle.

This image is focused on the reticle to show it in detail. This is why the background appears so blurry.

The BDC and ranging elements are also well-executed. The BDC provides aiming points for 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards when you zero the optic at 100 yards. It also provides wind holds for 5 (end of the stadia lines) and 10 mph (dots) crosswind.

Ranging takes place on to the left of the reticle. There are 4 brackets that represent an 18″ width and 11″ height at 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards. The 18″ width can be used to range on an average man’s shoulders and the 11″ height corresponds to the average measurement from the clavicle/shoulder line to the top of the head. Ranging is quick and intuitive though you do have to move back and forth between the ranging brackets and reticle instead of having everything built into the reticle.

Other Observations – This optic exhibits generous eye relief and a relatively forgiving eye box. The eye box is more forgiving than anything else I have tried in this price range. I measure the eye relief at more than 4″ throughout the magnification range.

There are a number of really nice touches that really add to the experience with this optic. The built-in throw lever is a big bonus and great savings over other optics that require an aftermarket or accessory lever.

The included scope caps seem to be of decent quality and actually have a really neat trick. The diopter adjustment ring is fluted and the ocular end cap is molded to mate with these flutes. That means you can set your diopter adjustment and then orient the cap so that it is vertical. In that configuration, the scope cap can’t rotate independently of the diopter and so it serves as a witness mark for your diopter adjustment. I’ve never seen that before but I definitely like it.

Wrap Up

Let me lay out the value proposition for you. The S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope delivers a lot for the money: above class optical quality that will not hold you back, a well thought out and unique reticle with BDC and ranging elements, durable construction, impressive turrets, and thoughtful touches like a built-in throw lever and clever scope caps. It is definitely not lost on me that this is a sample size of one but I can’t help but be very impressed by this optic… very, very impressed.

This is the best sub $350 LPVO that I have laid hands on and it might be the best there is. This could be the new king of budget low power variable optics.

You can check out the 1-4×24 Carbine Optic at the S2Delta website: S2Delta.com

It is also available at the lowest price via Amazon Prime in the S2Delta Amazon Store: 1-4X24 Carbine Scope on Amazon

S2Delta 1-4x24mm Carbine Scope

June 17, 2019, Albuquerque, NM – S2Delta today announces the release of the 1-4×24 Carbine Scope. This product is S2Delta’s first offering in the optics line.

The 1-4×24 Carbine Scope is specially designed by S2Detla for modern sporting rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO (or similar ballistic profiles). This is an excellent option for a shooter that wants versatility and value. Whether it is self defense, 3-gun competition, plinking, or general marksmanship this scope will get you on target.


The carbine scope has the following specifications:

  • 30mm main tube, machined from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Illuminated reticle, featuring bullet drop compensating (BDC) calibrated to 5.56mm NATO 62 gr
  • Capped ½ MOA windage and elevation turrets
  • Designed to hold zero over repeated mechanical shock
  • Virtually true 1x magnification


This scope has an MSRP of $259.99, but should be available for under $200 with retailer discounts. At this price point, a shooter can get an all around solid optic with premium features at entry level pricing.


SDelta will repair or replace a scope that is defective due to design, manufacturing, or workmanship issues for the life of the product. We are committed to customer satisfaction and pledge to do everything within reason to ensure your satisfaction.


The product is available now on Amazon or S2delta.com.


S2Delta S2Delta was founded by Ethan Tanner and Isaac Brito in 2016. Both Ethan and Isaac are veterans who served in combat in Iraq as Reconnaissance Marines, and later earned advanced engineering degrees. S2Delta applies engineering expertise, operational experience, and a passion for hunting and shooting to develop outstanding gear and equipment at great value.


Isaac Brito


Ethan Tanner



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