Sneak Peek: S2Delta 1-6×24 Carbine Scope

We posted a review of a very impressive budget optic, the S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope, last year. That optic boasted a useful reticle, excellent turrets, and surprisingly good glass – all for less than $200 shipped via Amazon Prime. It is a real contender among budget optics.

Now, S2Delta has given us a sneak peek of their followup optic, the 1-6×24 Carbine Scope. This optic takes the same ranging reticle and adds more magnification which makes the reticle appear slightly larger which some users will appreciate due to how compact the reticle is in the 1-4×24.

Externally, the 1-6×24 is basically identical to the 1-4×24 which is good news considering the build quality of the 1-4×24. The internals will differ with the change to a 1-6 erector assembly.

S2Delta is targeting a Fall 2020 release for this optic and expect the price to be in $300-$400 range.

You can check out our review the 1-4×24 Carbine Scope for background: S2Delta 1-4×24 Carbine Scope Review

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