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Russian Roulette Clothing Com Bloc Nightmare T-Shirt – ‘Tis the Season

Halloween is upon us and you are in luck because Russian Roulette Clothing has their most Halloween-worthy shirt on sale. The Com Bloc Nightmare design features your favorite ’80s horror film protagonists wielding some iconic Com Bloc firearms (PKM, Dragunov and Krinkov).

This shirt on sale for just $12!


Skeletor with an AK Patch

Russian Roulette Clothing company has come up with some great t-shirt designs over the years but none have taken on a life of their own like Skeletor with an AK. It has spawned a shirt, a sticker, and now a patch. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising because… it’s Skeletor with an AK.

Check out the Skeletor with an AK patch at RussianRouletteClothing.com

New from Russian Roulette Clothing: Apocalypse Gas Mask 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Russian Roulette Clothing just released their newest shirt design. The Apocalypse Gas Mask 2 – Electric Boogaloo shirt features a skull with gas mask. The skull is rough around the edges and the gas mask is tattered. This skull has obviously seen some things.


It’s a Sticker Now! Skeletor Wielding an AK47

Russian Roulette Clothing’s Skeletor Wielding an AK47 shirt has been a smash hit for them. It’s one part nostalgia, one part comedy, and at least 25 parts smoking AK47.

Now you can get your Skeletor Wielding an AK47 fix on more than just a t-shirt. Russian Roulette Clothing is offering the graphic on a 4″, full color, vinyl sticker suitable for sticking to your gun safe, tool box, truck, or Panthor’s battle saddle.


Deals at Russian Roulette Clothing

Russian Roulette Clothing is closing out 2 designs and the prices are pretty hard to beat. The “Nine > Forty Five” t-shirt is on sale for $10 and there are still many sizes left. The “5.45x39mm” hoodies are on sale for just $20! These won’t last. Act fast before you size is gone.


Com Bloc Nightmare Shirt from Russian Roulette Clothing

Russian Roulette Clothing’s newest shirt is available just in time for Halloween. The Com Bloc Nightmare shirt features everyone’s favorite trio of horror film protagonists wielding, you guessed it, com bloc rifles. Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, a PKM, a Dragunov, and a Krinkov all on the same shirt… No self-respecting gun guy would be caught dead in any other shirt on October 31!


New from Russian Roulette Clothing – Skeletor Wielding an AK47

BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL, I HAVE… to have this t-shirt.

Russian Roulette Clothing’s latest creation features everyone’s favorite Saturday morning cartoon villain, Skeletor. The art for the shirt shows the skin-less one absolutely is smoking the wooden handguards of an AK with brass in the air. Looks like Skeletor has the power now.

The shirt is printed on a 100% cotton, Anvil t-shirt that is made in the USA.


This shirt is also available at Amazon: Skeletor Wielding an AK47 T-Shirt

Russian Roulette Clothing 5.7×28 Shirt

Russian Roulette Clothing’s latest shirt is an homage to the little PDW cartridge that could (or maybe couldn’t), the 5.7x28mm. The shirt features an image of the blue tip SS197SR cartridge along with the caliber designation.


Ban the ATF 2.0 T-Shirt from Russian Roulette Clothing

Russian Roulette Clothing has given their Ban the ATF shirt a face lift. The new 2.o version of the shirt has full color graphics with an image of a tax stamp in the background. It is printed on a USA made, Anvil brand t-shirt.

Check out the Ban the ATF 2.0 shirt at Russian Roulette Clothing.

5.45x39mm American Apparel Hoodie – Russian Roulette Clothing

If the place you are reading this from is anything like the place I am writing this from, you know its hoodie weather! Russian Roulette Clothing has introduced their 5.45 design in a new, two-sided American Apparel hoodie. Now you can represent the “poison bullet” even when its cold outside.

Check out the 5.45x39mm American Apparel Hoodie at RussianRouletteClothing.com.

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