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Glock Sight Picture Patch from Russian Roulette Clothing

Fact: Americans throw away enough chintzy plastic Glock sights every year to cover Rhode Island in a sea of sights 10″ deep. You can bring awareness to this environmental disaster and the plight of Rhode Island by wearing the new Glock Sight Picture Patch from Russian Roulette Clothing.

On a more serious note, the patch is available now. It shows the distintive sight picture rendered in embroidery. At 3×1.5″ it will fit the common 3×2″ loop fields found on items like caps and backpacks.


Skeletor with an AK Patch

Russian Roulette Clothing company has come up with some great t-shirt designs over the years but none have taken on a life of their own like Skeletor with an AK. It has spawned a shirt, a sticker, and now a patch. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising because… it’s Skeletor with an AK.

Check out the Skeletor with an AK patch at RussianRouletteClothing.com

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