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Glock Sight Picture Shirt from Russian Roulette Clothing

I like the kind of firearm related shirts that look innocuous to most people but that makes other gun owners nod your direction when you pass them in the store. The new Glock Sight Picture from Russian Roulette Clothing is one of those shirts.

To your gun buddies it is one of the most recognizable sight pictures in the world of firearms (even though everyone with sense replaces those nasty plastic things Glock calls sights as soon as they get their new Glock home). To the guy who makes your coffee it is some kind of modern art logo or something.


Plum Furniture Store Shirt from Russian Roulette Clothing

Now this is a furniture store I might actually enjoy visiting!

Russian Roulette Clothing’s latest t-shirt design is a clever play on the word “furniture”. Those of us who eat, sleep, and breath firearms recognize it as a collective term for hand guards, grips, and buttstocks and the term is especially prevalent in the AK market. To everyone else it just means couches, recliners, and dressers.

Check out the Plum Furniture Store shirt at Russian Roulette Clothing.


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