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Flash Review: Regiment Blades Lo Viz Pro

I have owned a Regiment Blades Lo Viz Pro since shortly after the new company was launched. In that time, I have come to appreciate what this knife offers – a purposeful design that is easy to retain and intuitive to use, a sheath that works, and a value price. Regiment Blades even offers a polymer trainer that fits the sheath. This is an extremely rare combination of features in the backup/defensive knife landscape and especially at this price.

The Lo Viz Pro is a frequent companion for me when walking or jogging thanks to an excellent sheath that clips into workout shorts and the “bent” design that rides comfortably on the waist. The 8Cr14MoV stainless steel with black nitride coating has held up to all the sweat and frequent trips to the swimming hole.

If you are looking for a backup knife that is ready to go into your rotation without having to splash out a small fortune and without immediately shopping for a sheath upgrade, the Regiment Lo Viz Pro could be it. This knife ticks all the boxes.

Regiment Blades, including the Lo Viz Pro, are now available on Amazon: Regiment Blades Lo Viz Pro

Regiment Blades

Colonel Blades designed knives are back in the form of a new company, Regiment Blades! Colonel Blades was known for their distinctive, self-defense knives touted as being very intuitive to use. The designs featured a generous index finger ring for retention and a dagger blade that is angled in relation to the grip to promote a strong wrist position. In short, these are well-regarded, purpose-driven knives.

The new company has initially listed non-metallic versions of their knives for purchase with several new versions coming soon. Interestingly, Regiment Blades appears to be based in Hartland, WI which is also the home of one of the largest original Colonel Blades distributors, BCM.

Look for more information as it becomes available.


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