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RCS Pocket Shield Ten Speed Combo

Blue Force Gear’s Ten Speed Single Pistol Mag Ten Speed pouches are a versatile companion for the Raven Concealment Systems Pocket Shield. The elastic pouch allows you to carry lights, knives, pistol mags, or other similarly shaped items in a way that is completely concealed and quickly accessible when used with the Pocket Shield. They work so well together, that now you can purchase them in a combo directly from Raven Concealment Systems.

Raven Concealment Drop Offset Kit

Raven Concealment’s Drop Offset Kit adds both a slight drop and a cant away from your body to your holster.  This drop and cant helps ease access to your holster even with gear (plate carrier, chest rig) on your upper body. If you need a solution that is lower in profile than a drop holster, this could be it.

The Drop Offset Kit is designed for use with the RCS Phantom series of holsters but it should work with many holsters on the market with similar eyelet spacing.

RCS Drop Offset Kit

RCS TopStop AR/M4 Upper Receiver Cover

Raven Concealment Systems just introduced the TopStop, a cover that closes off the open parts of a detached upper receiver group and retains the bolt carrier group and charging handle.

Upper Cover-500x500

I can think of several times that I wish I had something like this. For instance, when headed to the range with multiple AR-15s to zero, it can be handy to just carry one lower receiver and multiple uppers. A cover like this would protect all the components of the upper when they are all stacked in a bin together. It would also be great for those of you who carry AR-15s in discreet take-down cases, especially if that case isn’t necessarily meant to carry an AR-15.

Check out the handy TopStop at Raven Concealment Systems.

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