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Rainier Knives Launches New Model: Basecamp

The new Rainier Knives Basecamp is not just a Fastpak with a longer blade and fuller grip though it does retain the focus on lightweight, premium Elmax steel, and customizations found on the Fastpak. The Basecamp has a 7.4″ overall length and a 3.4″ blade. In spite of this larger size, it weighs in at just 2.6 ounces including the sheath thanks to a skeletonized tang and hollowed handle scales.

The Basecamp has a blade shape reminiscent of a roach belly style knife with little to no drop at the spine and a nearly continuous curve at the edge for plenty of belly. It features a high flat primary grind.

The user has their choice of handle scale colors and kydex sheath color options. Rainier Knives sheaths are actually functional for EDC right out the box which is refreshing compared to most knife makers.

The Basecamp, like the Fastpak before it, is designed, produced, and assembled in the USA.


Rainier Knives Introduces Fastpak Scale Kit

The Fastpak from Rainier Knives is an ultralight fixed blade knife for EDC or outdoors. It was previously only available with a skeletonized handle befitting it’s lightweight design intentions but now they have introduced Fastpak Scales. Even with the new scales, the Fastpak weighs in at a scant 2.55 ounces including the sheath.

The scales are available as a kit for those who already own a Fastpak or as an optional accessory for those purchasing new Fastpaks. The scales are relieved so that the original sheath can still be used with the scales installed. They are available in Black, Green, or Natural Micarta.


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