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Propper STL I Pant

There is a lot of excitement around the new clothing lines that Propper is bringing to market in February largely because the lines display some functionality that is pretty unique and sounds very functional. One such unique feature is the gun pocket on the STL I Pant from the LS1 line. The pocket is located at the center back of the pants and it allows for a compact handgun to be stowed.

Propper STL I Pant Gun Pocket

I don’t have much information on the gun pocket yet but it is an interesting feature. Obviously, it is a less than optimal carry location but the placement allows it to be ambidextrous which is important given that Propper doesn’t know the preferred hand of everyone who wants a pair of pants. It appears that it might be difficult to use if you are wearing a belt but it is hard to say until someone actually has a chance to try the pants.

The gun pocket is what immediately jumps out at me about the STL I Pant but there is a lot going on with these pants. They appear to have a cleaner profile than most “tactical” pants. They do have a multitude of a pockets but they are cut in a lower profile way that doesn’t jump out as much. They are made from Nylon/Spandex fabric incorporating a water resistant DWR finish and they are gusseted to enhance the ease of movement.

Check out the Propper STL I Pant on PredatorBDU.com.

Propper STL I Pants

Ares Armor Low Profile Arsenal Bag

The new Ares Armor Low Profile Arsenal (LPA) Bag gives you a fairly discreet way to carry guns and support gear.

The LPA features 1000D nylon construction and closed cell foam padding throughout. It has three padded sections in the main compartment that can keep your firearms from knocking into each other during transport. It also has a removable padded spacer for pistols. In addition to the firearm storage, there is plenty of additional organization options for smaller items like magazines, hearing protection, and all the other stuff you end up toting to the range.

The Ares Armor LPA is available from PredatorARMAMENT.

Propper Sweep Collection Outerwear

Propper is about to drop a ton of interesting new clothing items on the “tactical” market. The new clothing will be spread over 3 different lines that are focused at different markets (see the Soldier Systems coverage of all three lines). The line that interests me most is the Sweep Collection which features various outerwear and casual clothes many of which integrate magnetic closures to allow quick and quiet access to a concealed handgun.

I find myself especially drawn to the EL JEFFE Puff Vest and Profile Puff Jacket. I have always found “puff” jackets to be extremely versatile. They are great as stand-alone items and layer well for times that addition protection from wind and rain is needed. They also tend to be very easy to pack.

The EL JEFFE and Profile has features that should be useful to their target user group like pull out ID carriers on the front, a large pull out ID panel on the back, and slip resistant panels on the shoulders to keep slings from sliding (how cool is that?). The EL JEFFE Vest has double zippers to allow easy access to your CCW, while the Profile Jacket accomplishes the same thing with magnetic closures.

These items, and all of the new Propper items, are available to be pre-ordered from PredatorBDU.com.

New Weapon Accessories at PredatorARMAMENT

That project AR (or AK) that has been sitting in your safe, neglected, is getting tired of waiting for you to finish it! PredatorARMAMENT can help.

PredatorARMAMENT just added several items to their site that can help you set up your AR (or AK) just the way you want it. They now have the hot new Noveske NSR, Troy VTAC rails, Midwest Industries SS rails, Parabellum Armament AKARS AK Adaptive Rail, and more. Check out PredatorARMAMENT.com.

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