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Desert Camo in the Woods

John at UW Gear recently posted an interesting video on his vlog channel, Alpha-Charlie Concepts. The video discusses and shows graphically how an effective desert camo pattern like PenCott Sandstorm can still be effective even in areas with heavy green foliage elements.

There is more to camo than just color matching. Remember that an effective camo will also use shape and depth to break up your outline. No camo pattern is perfect or universal but when coupled with fieldcraft, most can be quite versatile.

Fight and Flight Tactical LLAMA Packs in PenCott

Fight and Flight Tactical has added PenCott GreenZone and Badlands to their lineup of available colors and camo patterns for the LLAMA Pack.

pencott llama

If you haven’t checked out the LLAMA Pack in a while, it is worth clicking through to Fight and Flight Tactical to see all of the updates that have gone into the pack. They have greatly improved the back panel and shoulder straps and introduced several new Tailgates and aluminum frame stays. This is a very flexible design that continues to grow and evolve.

Dead Coyote Tactical Nylon 6 Mag PC Panel/Micro Rig

Dead Coyote Tactical Nylon turns out piece after piece of drool worthy PenCott goodness. Their latest is this 6 Mag PC Panel/Micro Rig. It is designed to be used as a stand-along chest rig or be bolted on to the front of a plate carrier via the Swift-Clip system (or similar).

It would be a great addition to their low profile plate carrier which comes ready to accept the panel. This PC and the accompanying panel helps fills a real hole in the market right now for PenCott pattern armor carrying gear.

Check out Dead Coyote Tactical Nylon.

dead coyote pc panel micro rig

dead coyote pc

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