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It’s time to start carving out some time for PAUL-E-PALOOZA 2017 – the annual training conference to benefit the children of the late Paul E. Gomez. As usual, this year’s instructor roster is stacked and the topics will be many and varied.

So far, the instructor list looks like this:

  • Dr. Sherman House- The People’s Dentist and Medical Director of Paul-E-Palooza
  • William Aprill- Aprill Risk Consulting, ShivWorks Collective, and Training Director of Paul-E-Palooza
  • Cecil Burch- Immediate Action Combatives and ShivWorks Collective
  • Paul Sharp- Sharp Defense and ShivWorks Collective
  • Chris Fry- Modern Defensive Training Systems and ShivWorks Collective
  • Larry Lindenman- Point-Driven Training and ShivWorks Collective
  • Tom Givens- Rangemaster Firearms Training
  • Jerry Wetzel- Red Zone Threat Management
  • Robert Follis- Extreme Couture MMA
  • Caleb Causey- Lone Star Medics
  • Rob Pincus- Combat Focus Shooting and Personal Defense Network
  • Dr. Lauren Pugliese- Active Response Training
  • Greg Ellifritz- Active Response Training
  • John Hearne- Rangemaster and DVC Targets
  • Ian Wendt- Special Circumstances
  • Morgan Atwood- BFE Labs
  • Chuck Haggard- Agile/Training and Consulting
  • Andrew Branca- Law of Self Defense
  • Eli Miller- Direct Pressure, LLC and Oinkin’ Acres Farmstead
  • “Operator X”- We Could Tell You But Then We’d Have To Kill You
  • Nathan Stokes- Advantage Group Training
  • Pam Benzing- Nunya Bidness
  • Paul Carlson- Safety Solutions Academy

You can learn more by visiting the event website: PAUL-E-PALOOZA 2017

Act Fast to Save Paul-E-Palooza

paul gomezPaul-E-Palooza is an annual training event, celebrating the life of Paul Gomez, that brings together some of the finest trainers in the world for two days of lectures, training courses, and more. The proceeds from the event go to a trust that was set up to benefit the Paul’s children.

This is the third year of the event and enrollment is down which is hard to understand given the caliber of the trainers slated to attend and the cost of just $300 for the whole event. Unfortunately, the number of registered students is low enough that the organizers will have to consider cancelling the event if enrollment does not improve by Monday, July 20th. I would hate to see that happen to the event and even more so to the Paul Gomez children’s trust.

The event is taking on August 15th and 16th place in Garrettsville, OH. Garrettsville is easily accessible via I80 which makes it an easy destination to reach from all over the Mid-Atlantic and many of the Mid-Western states. If you want to learn from instructors like Craig Douglas, Caleb Causey, Cecil Burch, Paul Sharp, Greg Ellifritz, Chuck Haggard, and more, you can register and pay online at PaulEPalooza.com.

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