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Patch Collecting: Keep Calm Patch from MADCAT Aviator/Operator

You don’t have to climb to a mountain top to hear a wise man utter wise words. That sounds like a lot of work for not a lot of pay off. I would much rather just order a patch from MADCAT Aviator/Operator.

The Keep Calm and Reload patch features truly wise words. These are words to live by and words to stay alive by. Keep Calm and Reload might be the wisest thing you hear all day.

Get your own Keep Calm and Reload patch at MADCAT Aviator/Operator.

Patch Collecting: MADCAT Aviator/Operator Deafening Silence Patch

If you train hard to be someone’s worst nightmare, then this patch is for you. It doesn’t matter if you are law enforcement, military, or just a citizen who takes the defense of yourself and family seriously. This patch is for those who keep the bad guys up at night.

The background of this patch is very poignant. It was created by Brad at MADCAT Aviator/Operator to pay tribute to those who lost their lives when Extortion 17 was shot down. Brad says:

Back in August, when Extortion 17, its crew, and the SOF team aboard was shot down, I had to do something in their memory. So I spent a Saturday creating a remembrance piece for them. The quote came from me…just something that I had thought up over the course of the day going through all the emotions. I knew some guys in the unit that flew the chinook, and being a pilot, it hits close to home.The meaning behind it is that wherever the enemy may be, they have to constantly listening to that ringing…that deafening silence in the night because they know we’re bringing the fight to their doorstep. They have to constantly be on watch and listen because they’re constantly being hunted by us.

The remembrance piece that Brad mentions is the picture below and the quote from the picture eventually found a home on this patch. I am proud to have this patch in my collection. You can get your own at MADCAT Operator/Aviator.

Patch Collecting: VigiTac

Vigilance Tactical is a great retailer that is located in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area. They go by VigiTac for short. Chris at VigiTac makes some really slick kydex products which you will see here on the blog soon and also sells a growing line of great gear.

The VigiTac patch is one of the most detailed PVC patches that I have seen to date. It is a real looker.

Check out VigiTac.com.

Patch Collecting: Usual Suspect Network “X” Ten Year Anniversay Patch

The Usual Suspect Network (USN) is one of my favorite corners of the internet. The USN is a forum where you can spend time with friendly folks talking about basically all the same stuff you read about on this blog.

The USN recently celebrated its ten year anniversary and they commissioned a patch to commemorate it. The patches are available on the forum (you must be a member to view the link). Head over to the Usual Suspect Network and join today!

New PVC Morale Patches from Battle Systems

Battle Systems already offers killer tape. Now they offer killer patches too.

They are offering 3 patches initially with others coming soon. There is a Battle Systems logo patch (any logo with a tomahawk is automatically the best logo), an 0331 USMC MOS patch, and a “rooster” machine gunner’s patch. There will be other 0300 series USMC MOS patches coming soon.

All of the patches are made from flexible PVC with Velcro backing. Hit BattleSystemsLLC.com to get your own!

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