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New 13.7″ AR15 Barrel Option from Weapon Outfitters

Apparently Weapon Outfitters will not rest until I build an AR-15 with a 13.7″ barrel. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to resist the siren song of a short, light, and handy barrel that has basically no flash when coupled with a permanently attached BE Meyers 249F flash suppressor, now they have released one of their most affordable 13.7″ barrel options yet.


These are Faxon Firearms barrels (which I have had very good luck with in limited testing) that have been cut and threaded by Parallax Tactical. They have a midlength gas system, 5.56 chamber, 1 in 8″ twist, and government profile. The barrels are machined from 4150 steel and Melonite QPQ finished inside and out.

At just over $200, they look like a great place to start a build. Check out the new 13.7″ barrels at Weapon Outfitters.

Parallax Tactical Customer Service

Sometimes it seems like the internet was created to drag companies through the mud. It is easy to get the impression that customer service is dead or at least dying if you spend much time on a gun forum. Thankfully, there are still companies like Parallax Tactical that are willing to go above and beyond for their customers.

Parallax Tactical PXTreme FFSSR Upper Build

You may recall that I recently reviewed a Parallax Tactical PXTreme FFSSR Upper. In that review, I showed a picture of a 10 shot 100 yard group that measured just over 1.5″ but, as noted, had no center. At the time, I thought it was an anomaly. After the review was completed, I began to notice that the center-less groups become the norm and accuracy continued to deteriorate rapidly. I tried different optics and mounts, tearing down and rebuilding twice, checked for barrel contact, checked that the barrel nut was torqued, checked that the barrel extension was tight, tried different ammo, I cleaned the barrel with products to remove fouling only to find that there was very little, and several other common problems all to no avail.

Parallax Tactical PXTreme FFSSR Upper 10 Group

The upper gradually deteriorated to the point that at the 1400 round mark it prints 6-9″ groups at 100 yards depending on the ammo. The size of the groups was not nearly as alarming as how they looked. A normal group has a central cluster of shots with various outliers around the center cluster. These groups looked like 10 shots taken at 10 completely different and random points of aim. There was no center and there was obviously something wrong.

I felt I had done my due diligence and checked everything I could. I typed up my findings and sent them off to Parallax Tactical. Joseph Chen, the president of Parallax Tactical, returned my email in minutes and said that they would install a new barrel on the house. It was just that easy. Parallax Tactical is going to take care of it.

I think you can tell a lot about a company based on how they respond to issues like this. Kudos to Parallax Tactical for taking care of their customers.

Parallax Tactical 17.5″ FFSSR Handguard

Parallax Tactical is getting set to release a 17.5″ version of their FFSSR Handguard! It should be right at home on AR builds with barrel lengths of 18″ or longer.

I currently have a 15″ version of the FFSSR on an upper that I am testing. It is very rigid, has rails where I need them, and has the ability to accept just about any direct connect accessory that is meant for use with Magpul MOE Hand Guards on the slick portion of the hand guard.

The new 17.5″ FFSSR Handguard exists only in renders for now but it will be available very soon. Check out Parallax Tactical.

Parallax 17.5 FFSSR Parallax 17.5 FFSSR Side Wider Parallax 17.5 FFSSR Side

15" FFSSR Shown

15″ FFSSR Shown

FFSSR IWC Mount-n-slot

PXT Super Light Low-profile Steel Gas Block .625″

Parallax Tactical PXT Super Light low Profile Gas BlockIf you have gone through the trouble of sourcing a lightweight barrel for your AR-15, you might as well lose some weight at the gas block too.

The diameter of most “lightweight” profile AR-15 barrels at the gas block is .625″. There was a time when it was difficult to find low profile gas blocks to fit these narrower barrels but now there are several options including the PXT Super Light Low-profile Steel Gas Block .625″ from Parallax Tactical.

The PXT Super Light Low-profile Steel Gas Blocks are made from 4140 steel with a Melonite QPC finish. They are called “super light” because the sides are skeletonized to reduce weight.They attach via two set screws that come up from the bottom of the block.

It just makes good sense to use a lightweight gas block with your lightweight barrel. Check out the PXT Super Light Low-profile Steel Gas Block .625″.

Parallax Tactical PXT Extreme Uppers

I am in the process of building an AR-15 right now. When I was shopping for uppers, I came across Parallax Tactical’s PWT Extreme Uppers and was blown away by their components and price. These are some high value uppers.

The heart of any upper is its barrel. Parallax Tactical uses barrels from Black Hole Weaponry that have been made to their specs. They are 416R stainless barrels with 1 in 8″ polygonal rifling chambered for 5.56. The barrels are Melonite treated which stainless steel barrels benefit from in a number of ways like increased barrel life and a more subdued appearance.

Parallaz Tactical Build

Parallax Tactical fits one of their own rails like their FFSSR or FFSSR KeyMod rail. The rails are available in a variety of lengths. You will find one of Parallax Tactical’s Super-Lightweight Low Profile Gas Black under the rail and the barrel appears to be dimpled to prevent the gas block from rotating.

The bolt carrier group consists of a standard black phosphate 8620 steel bolt that has been MPI tested. The carrier is also 8620 steel and Melonite treated. You can upgrade to a full NiBX treated BCG if they are available. The gas tube is also Melonite treated.

The barrel is capped off with one of Parallax Tactical’s Paracomps with is machined from 17-7PH stainless steel and Melonite treated.

PXT Upper

To top all of that off, Parallax Tactical is a full service shop that offers coating services and a full line of accessories. You can basically look at these uppers as a starting point and build from there. For instance, I wanted a different barrel profile than the standard M4 profile that was offered and they were able to accommodate. They also Cerakoted the entire upper FDE for me.

Check out PXT Extreme Uppers at Parallax Tactical and stay tuned for a review once I am able to put rounds downrange.

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