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Mystery Ranch NICE Metcalf

The NICE Metcalf, named for the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, is the newest addition to Mystery Ranch’s NICE Frame lineup. It isĀ  also the lightest weight NICE Frame compatible pack to date.

nice-metcalf-coy-lrgThe NICE Metcalf boasts 3600-4500 cu in depending on whether you have the Daypack Lid attached or not. It weighs in at 5lbs 12oz – 6lbs 15oz, again, depending on whether or not you have the Daypak Lid attached. That isn’t exactly lightweight compared to many of the ultra-light pack options on the market but it’s light compared to other NICE Frame compatible packs and with that weight comes quite a bit of capability.

Access shouldn’t be a problem with the NICE Metcalf. It is a top loader with a full height side access zipper. It also has the ability to be used like a load sling for packing additional cargo like a set of NICE Load Cells. The most interesting feature to me is a built in carbon fiber frame extension. The standard NICE Frame’s 20″ stay height isn’t tall enough to give me any lift so this extension may be just what I need.

Check out the NICE Metcalf on MysteryRanch.com.

Kletterwerks Returns

We have been watching for the return of Kletterwerks ever since Soldier Systems Daily scooped the reformation of the iconic brand that was an early venture of Dana Gleason (founder of Mystery Ranch). Now the first of these retro packs that have been updated with some modern amenities are finding their way to retailers and they look great.These bags should be at home handling just about any chore from EDC to busting brush.

If you are looking for a tough as nails pack with a non-military appearance, you may want to check out the Kletterwerks offerings at Wilderness Workshop. The Kletterwerks website is still “Coming Soon.”

Kletter Day

Mystery Ranch Reintroduces the Wet Rib

It’s back! Mystery Ranch has brought back one of all-time classic pieces of Dana Gleason designed gear – the Wet Rib.

The Wet Rib is a pouch that attached to your backpack’s shoulder straps via tri-glides in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the sternum strap or hip belt. It is designed to carry a water bottle and small items that you want immediately accessible without removing your pack like food or a compass. The original Wet Ribs were also popular for carrying a handgun discreetly on the trail.

The Wet Rib is just about as handy as gear can be. Check it out at MysteryRanch.com.


Mystery Ranch Streetfighter

The new Streetfighter from Mystery Ranch is one of the smallest packs in their line. It is designed to excel as a jack-of-all-trades, general purpose pack. It would be at home on the hiking trail or a cross country flight.

Even though this pack is small, Mystery Ranch didn’t skimp on the suspension. The Streetfighter features their excellent Futura Yoke which mean you can pack the Streetfighter until the seams are bursting without fear of overloading it.

It features 2 exterior water bottle sleeves which I really like because it frees up the interior for cargo and protects the contents from spills. If you prefer to use a hydration bladder, there is an interior sleeve that will accommodate one. There is also an interior accessory pocket and external panel pocket with internal organizer that will help keep you keep your small items squared away.

The Streetfighter boasts 1150 CU-IN of capacity. That sounds small but that is kind of the point. I should also note that, in my experience, Mystery Ranch tends to underestimate their pack’s capacities.

Navy blue and yellow are the only colors available now but there will likely be some more subdued colors in the future. Black and OD green have been mentioned. Hopefully coyote brown and/or Multicam will make the cut as well.

You can check out the new Streetfighter on Mystery Ranch’s website.

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