Mystery Ranch NICE Metcalf

The NICE Metcalf, named for the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, is the newest addition to Mystery Ranch’s NICE Frame lineup. It is  also the lightest weight NICE Frame compatible pack to date.

nice-metcalf-coy-lrgThe NICE Metcalf boasts 3600-4500 cu in depending on whether you have the Daypack Lid attached or not. It weighs in at 5lbs 12oz – 6lbs 15oz, again, depending on whether or not you have the Daypak Lid attached. That isn’t exactly lightweight compared to many of the ultra-light pack options on the market but it’s light compared to other NICE Frame compatible packs and with that weight comes quite a bit of capability.

Access shouldn’t be a problem with the NICE Metcalf. It is a top loader with a full height side access zipper. It also has the ability to be used like a load sling for packing additional cargo like a set of NICE Load Cells. The most interesting feature to me is a built in carbon fiber frame extension. The standard NICE Frame’s 20″ stay height isn’t tall enough to give me any lift so this extension may be just what I need.

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