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Magpul Dynamics is now Magpul CORE

Magpul CORE

Magpul Dynamics is now Magpul CORE.

In 2007, Magpul Industries Launched Magpul Dynamics, a firearms training division focused on the development of firearms manipulation skills. Over the last seven years through firearms courses and media projects, Magpul Dynamics changed the nature of the firearms training world at a fundamental level.

Over recent years, with a new staff, Magpul Dynamics focused inwards a bit. We still held a number of training courses, but we engaged in more skill development and general outreach to our end users. We immersed ourselves in the product development process, contributing to over 50 innovative new offerings throughout this past year. Perhaps most importantly, we focused on Magpul’s foundations and how to best present that face to the world as we move forward.

In addition to assisting in the development of new products, we will also be working on a number of media projects, articles, and social media efforts to promote those core values and to renew and develop the relationship with our customers and end users. Firearms training will continue to be a topic, of course, and we will still hold training courses. You will also see a variety of additional subjects from our staff, including adventure, field craft, fitness, competition, hunting, and others, all with an emphasis on personal responsibility and celebrating individual liberties. In addition to our crew, you may also see some additional faces from around this industry and even outside it.

Along with new staff and new emphasis, is a new name that better captures the evolved mission. -Magpul Core.

We look forward to sharing our foundational values, our principles, in both education and adventure with what we consider to be the center of our efforts—our customers.

Magpul CORE
Cody, Caylen, Aaron, Jon, Jimmy, Jared, Jake, and Duane

Now, let Magpul CORE machine gun, base jump, and helicopter strafe their way into your heart as you watch this video…

[/embed width="575"]http://youtu.be/h-1WjyygNSE[/embed]

Find them…

Web: http://www.magpulcore.com/magpul-core \

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Magpul-CORE/767517856650353?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invite

Instagram: http://instagram.com/magpulcore

YouTube: http://youtu.be/h-1WjyygNSE

RE Factor Tactical Armboard

The new RE Factor Tactical Armboard is designed around Magpul Dynamics’ Precision Rifle Quick Reference Cards. It features two viewable windows for storing your most relevant cards. One window is viewable when the Armboard is closed and the other is viewable when it is open. The remainder of the cards can be secured on the included bendable loop.

The Armboard is constructed from lightweight, ripstop 70D nylon with a Hypalon backing. It has two elastic straps for securing the Armboard to your arm.

Check out the new RE Factor Tactical Armboard.

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Magpul Dynamics Strikes Again… From Far, Far Away

Magpul Dynamics has announced that the next installment in their DVD training series will be Art of the Precision Rifle. This DVD looks to have great production value, a heavy dose of cutting edge tech, and some techniques that are sure to go against the status quo – in other words, just what we have come to expect from Magpul Dynamics.

Art of the Dynamic Shotgun – Coming Soon

Costa and Haley take on the shotgun…

Art of the Dynamic Shotgun comes hot on the heals of the successful Art of the Dynamic Carbine 1 & 2 and Art of the Dynamic Handgun. Magpul Dynamics continues to impress with these high production value training videos.


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