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Lynch Northwest Replacement Pocket Clips

I recently purchased a Spyderco Para 3. It has been a delight to carry and use except for one nagging issue – the factory clip placement sucks. Spyderco designed the Para 3 with the same size lanyard hole as the Paramilitary 2 which means there is less room at the butt end for the clip on the smaller Para 3. This means the clip had to be placed in such a way that the knife carries very high in the pocket and it took up most of the side of the knife. It felt like a strange oversight from the company that invented the pocket clip.

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. Lynch Northwest makes a variety of pocket clips for many popular knife brands. Their clips are made in the USA from titanium and feature a looped shape that provides a very deep carry. Their clips are lifetime warrantied against loss of tension or breakage which is impressive considering how many clips I’ve broken over the years by catching them on car doors, door frames, table tops, etc.

Lynch Northwest happens to make a clip specifically for the Para 3 that addresses my issues with the factory clip (it’s nice to know that I’m imagining the problems with the original). I bought one and I’m thrilled with it. It provides a more sensible carry depth and is relieved so that it doesn’t interfere with the lanyard hole. It’s proportions also fit better with the size envelope of the Para 3 which improves how the knife fits in your hand. It’s a simple and elegant solution that makes the Para 3 a much better knife.

Lynch Northwest makes a variety of clips for knives you probably already own. If you’ve ever broken a pocket clip, you’ll appreciate their warranty. Check them out at LynchNW.com.

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