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Sneak Peek: Lone Wolf Distributors Testing Billet Glock Extractors

Lone Wolf Distributors is testing a potential new product – stainless steel billet Glock extractors. There are prototype 9mm extractors in the hands of product testers already. Current factory Glock extractors are metal injection molded (MIM) which some shooters find objectionable. This new extractor from Lone Wolf is machined from a block of steel. Stay tuned for updates.


Video: Glock Firing Cycle Explained from Lone Wolf Distributors

Have you ever wondered why people polish the parts that they polish in the so called 25 Cent Trigger Job? Have you ever wonder how a simple geometry change to a trigger connector can make your Glock’s trigger feel so much lighter? Well, it’s easier to understand things like this when you understand the firing cycle and how all those small parts in your Glock interact with each other.

Lone Wolf Distributors knows a thing or two about Glocks and they produced an easy to follow video that shows the entire firing cycle.

Blank Slides from Lone Wolf Distributors

The popularity of custom machining work on Glock slides is exploding and a handful of companies have begun to offer Glock slide blanks as a blank canvas for this custom work. It should come as no surprise that my North Idaho neighbors, Lone Wolf Distributors, are the latest to begin offering these slide blanks. They have been in the after-market Glock slide business longer than anyone.

lone wolf blank slides

From Lone Wolf Distributors:

Lone Wolf Distributors proudly announces our new Alpha Wolf slide blanks. Custom gunsmiths or skilled hobbyist will no longer have to work around existing profiles, sight cuts or serrations.

These slide blanks are made in the USA of 416 Stainless Steel, with a Rockwell hardness of 32-35. (For less wear on those expensive mills) Our slide blanks are featureless on the outside and finished on the inside. Shipped tumbled and in the white, these are truly a blank canvas.

Gen3 – 17s shipping now
Gen3 – 19s shipping second week of August 2016
Gen3 34s shipping third week of August 2016
Gen4s call Dave at 208-448-0600 ext. 120 to check on availability

Complete parts kits are also available to finish your one of a kind masterpiece.

Follow this link to place your order: https://www.lonewolfdist.com/SlideBlanks

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