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TangoDown KeyMod Vertical Grip

TangoDown is bringing their popular vertical grip to a KeyMod compatible rail near you. The images here show a very early prototype but it is still worth getting excited about. This prototype appears to be similar in length and shape to their rail mounted Stubby Vertical Fore Grip. That is a good thing because I have used a lot of vertical grips and the TangoDown short grips fit my hand like they were made for me.

tangodown keymod vert grip 1 tangodown keymod vert grip 2


It seems strange that VLTOR, the central player in the development of KeyMod, is just now releasing a KeyMod version of their well-known CASV rail. Regardless, they are finally available and listed on VLTOR’s website. The CASV-KM8 and CASV-KM9 in black are currently available with other configurations to follow soon.

Check out the KeyMod CASV at VLTOR.


ZeroBravo RHS

The ZeroBravo Reversible Hand Stop (RHS) is aptly named. it is a KeyMod compatible handstop that can be reversed based on the preference of the user. One side is vertical and smooth while the other is slightly curved with teeth to provide texture. This allows the RHS to function as a stop to prevent the hand from traveling too far forward on a hand guard or as a weapon control aid to pull against among other uses.

ZeroBravo is a new company and their website is not active yet but you can check them out on Facebook.

ZeroBravo RHS 2 ZeroBravo RHS 1 ZeroBravo RHS 3

MI Keymod Panel Covers

Midwest Industries just released their own KeyMod compatible, plastic hand guard covers. I have used their similar covers that they designed for use with their SS Gen-2 Hand Guards and they are excellent.

MI KeyMod panel covers

The best news is that these panels use mechanical hardware. The current plastic hand guard covers that are available snap in place and can be a pain to install and they come loose over time. The new MI panels should be much easier to deal with though perhaps just a bit heavier.

These will be offered as sets initially. One set will include 3 regular panels. The other set will include two regular panels and a panel with an integral handstop. They may be offered individually at a later date.

The Keymod Panel Covers will be available at Midwest Industries soon.

Lanco Tactical Grip Stop Revisions

Lanco Tactical Gripstop KeyMod

The next production run of the Grip Stop from Lanco Tactical will feature an improvement that is sure to please KeyMod fans. It will retain all the direct connect functionality (via bolts and a backer plate) of the original Grip Stop but it will now also come with hardware that makes it KeyMod compatible. The new version should be ready to start shipping sometime later this week.

Check out Lanco Tactical.

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