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Ka-Bar TDI Raptor Sheath from Veil Solutions

I am a big fan of the Ka-Bar TDI as a compact, easy to carry, and extremely affordable fixed blade knife option. I know several of you are as well so I try to highlight the various sheathing options that I come across. I recently came across Veil Solutions and their Raptor sheath.


The Raptor sheath is designed to carry the TDI in a somewhat horizontal position on the belt with the handle facing in toward the wearer’s center line. It is formed from Kydex and features a Pull-the-Dot style belt loop which can be switched to either side and can fit belts up to 1.75″ thick. They offer it in a number of colors.

If you don’t already have a TDI, Veil Solutions can add one to your order at a very attractive price. They will even stipple the handle for an additional $5!

Check out Veil Solutions.

Ka-Bar/ESEE Eskabar

The Eskabar is the result of merging the best parts of two popular neck knives. The Eskabar’s handle is taken from the ESEE Izula and the blade profile is taken from the Becker Necker. The end result is a functional knife with a very lofty pedigree.

The handle of the ESEE Izula should be praised for its versatility. The genius of it is that it isn’t too complex. There are no unnecessary contours or finger grooves. There is nothing that forces you to hold it any one way. It is simple and it works.

The blade of the Becker Necker is a broad drop point with plenty of belly and long flat area near the handle. It is at home dressing a deer or doing fire prep. The belly makes rocking cuts and skinning a breeze while the flat portion of the edge is useful for cutting where more leverage is needed, like notching.

The Eskabar will be available anywhere Ka-Bar Knives are sold.

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