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Trident Concepts Introduces TACOST – SIRT 1

If you aren’t familiar with Trident Concepts’ TACOST system, you are missing out. TACOST is basically a set of repeatable drills with measurable standards that can be easily carried with you and randomized thanks to their playing card form factor. You can see my review of TACOST – Pistol 1 for more details.

Jeff Gonzales, owner of Trident Concepts, just introduced his latest TACOST set, TACOST – SIRT 1. The new set is meant to be used with the SIRT Training Pistols from Next Level Training. It focuses on skills that are conducive to dry practice with a tool like the SIRT Training Pistol: Ready Positions, Draw-stroke, Low-light, and Movement. There are 13 drills to support each of those 4 modules for a total of 52 drills. See the video below for more details.

Check out TACOST – SIRT 1 at Trident Concepts.

Trident Concepts Project Neptune

I am a fan of Trident Concepts’ (TRICON) TACOST Training System. It is a simple, portable way to keep a stash of measurable and repeatable drills in hand so that you get the most out of your range sessions. Now Jeff Gonzales, owner and lead trainer at TRICON, is attempting to develop what he calls Project Neptune in order to take the TACOST experience to the next level.



This project is a cloud based, multiple device community environment that provides the platform to track performance history, access to an in-depth training skills library, establish personal goals of performance and network with other like minded individuals from anywhere.

This is basically being developed as a potential next evolutionary step in how training is delivered. Rather than relying on an instructor to set goals and track progress, Project Neptune will seek to help the shooter set their own goals and track progress. The concept behind TACOST is so effective, I can’t help but think Jeff will work the same magic here.

You can crowd fund Project Neptune at Vet Launch.


TRICON’s TACOST-Rifle 1 (TAsk COnditions & Standards Rifle Training Program) is now available. I have been using the handgun version of this program and it is excellent.


TACOST is a set of 52 drills developed by Jeff Gonzales that are printed on playing cards. The 4 suits serve to separate the drills into 4 categories: Marksmanship (Spades), Speed (Hearts), Dry fire (Diamonds), and Baseline (Clubs).

The genius of TACOST is the playing card format. It is easy to use, simply choose cards at random and complete the drills. The deck is extremely portable and, by consistently choosing from the same set of drills, you make your training repeatable and measurable.

Pick up your own copy of TACOST-Rifle 1 at TRICON.


Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts (TRICON) recently announced the TRICON ProCarry. The ProCarry is a Glock 19 that has been worked over by ROBAR Guns to Jeff’s specifications. The full spec list hasn’t been released yet but notables will include ROBAR’s frame texture and full NP3 coated internals, a KKM barrel, undercut trigger guard, and Trijicon HD sights (not shown in the images below).

There will be more details on the ProCarry available soon. The gun itself should be available around 4 weeks after SHOT Show.

TRICON ProCarry TRICON ProCarry Logo

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