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Geissele Developing TAVOR Trigger


JTT contributor Eric H. putting some of the very first rounds through a TAVOR in the USA.

I was among the first people in the United States to put hands on a commercial TAVOR at Bullpup Shoot 2012. Like most bullpup designs, it has a trigger with room for improvement. It sounds like Geissele Automatics, who knows a thing or two about improving triggers, may be coming to the rescue. They are currently developing a TAVOR Trigger that will be similar to their excellent SSA trigger. It will be a two-stage design with 2.5 lb first stage and a 2 lb second stage.

Check out Geissele Automatics.


Geissele SSA-E

Many precision triggers for the AR family of weapons achieve lighter trigger pull weights by using lighter springs, fragile disconnector geometry, or both. In my opinion, this makes the vast majority of them unsuitable for use in defensive ARs.

That is not the case with Geissele triggers. Their triggers feature rugged components, use full strength springs, and still manage to deliver lighter trigger pulls. They have a broad range of triggers that deliver a number of unique features but their newest is called the SSA-E (or SSA-Enhanced).

The SSA-E is a non-adjustable two stage trigger that delivers some serious performance. The name would lead you to believe that it is just a tuned version of the excellent SSA trigger but that isn’t the whole story. The main difference between the SSA and the SSA-E is that the SSA-E breaks at about a pound lighter (3.5# total pull weight, 2.3# first stage, 1.2# second stage) and is, by all accounts, a bit more crisp. This was not accomplished simply by polishing an SSA. It was accomplished an actual redesign of the disconnector geometry. The end result is a lighter, crisper trigger that is every bit as durable as the SSA.

The SSA-E is available now from a number of retailers including Rainier Arms.

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