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Geissele Automatic at SHOT Show

Don’t miss the Geissele Automatics booth (#15162) at SHOT Show 2016. They will be showing off their new line of scope mounts and charging handle.

You might even get the chance to be locked in a glass box with a tornado so people can watch you flail around like you are in a swarm of bees. It sounds terrible but, if you do well, you might just come out with some really nice gear.

geissele SHOT Show

From Geissele:

Come by the Geissele booth and check out our Giveaway Booth! Each day we will be giving out our VIP card for the attendees of the show. This year we will be doing 35% off SSA’s and SSA-E’s, and 30% off everything else. Each VIP card also doubles as a raffle ticket that can be used to enter for a chance to jump in the Geissele Giveaway Booth. Winners are selected at 10AM and 4PM each day. In addition to triggers, rails, and tools that can be won in the booth, we will also have a Golden Ticket for a chance to win a custom rifle built by us with the help from Cross Machine Tool (CMT) and Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics.

Geissele Automatics Super Charging Handle

Geissele Automatics will be showing off their new Super Charging Handle at SHOT Show 2016. The new ambidextrous AR-15 charging handle is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and hard anodized in Black or DDC (brown). These are expected to retail for $89 in Black and $99 in DDC but those prices may change. Keep an eye out for AR308 versions in the future.

geissele super charging handle

Geissele – New products for SHOT Show 2016

Don’t the Geissele Automatics booth at SHOT Show 2016. They will be rolling out several new products including an Aimpoint Micro Mount and ambidextrous charging handle that they teased on social media recently.


In addition, they will have more information on the scope mounts that they have been manufacturing for a DOD customer since the Spring of this year. Those mounts will be shown at the show and available in 2016. They will also be showing a new scope mount designed specifically for 50BMG rifles.

IMG_4317 IMG_4316

Geissele Automatics Trigger Fitting Pin

The Geissele Automatics Trigger Fitting Pin is one of those tools that I could live without but I am glad I don’t have to. I have several decent sets of punches but I still fin myself reaching for the Trigger Fitting Pin frequently.

geissele trigger fitting pin

Most punches have squared edges on the pushing end and a barrel shaped handle. They are mostly designed for use with a hammer to drive pins. The Trigger Fitting Pin is different in that it has a chamfered end which helps it fit and align easily. It has a plastic ball grip rather than a barrel shaped grip. The ball grip allows you to hold it a number of ways but the magic happens when you palm the grip to really put some force into pushing pins.

The Trigger Fitting Pin is sized to fit AR-15 trigger pins precisely. It can be used to push the hammer pin past a stubborn j-spring or as a slave pin for when you are assembling your fire control group. I also use it to push pins on Glock, 1911s, 10-22s, and more. It is sturdy enough to hold up to a light tap or two from a mallet but I have generally avoided anything more than that to prevent the end from mushrooming.

This sits in the top compartment of my tool cart because I am constantly reaching for it. Check out the Geissele Automatics Trigger Fitting Pin.

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