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New Magazine Carriers from Fury Carry Solutions

Fury Carry Solutions just rolled out two new magazine carriers. The Gunslinger and Gunfighter magazine carriers both feature stacked Kydex construction and can carry four magazines each. The Gunslinger provides a means to carry four handgun magazines while the Gunfighter provides a means to carry two handgun magazines and two AR-15 magazines. The Gunfighter’s AR-15 magazine carrier components it molded to accept any AR magazine.

Both of the new carriers are available with belt attachment hardware, MOLLE attachment hardware, or both belt and MOLLE hardware. They are available in a number of colors including Multicam and Kryptek. The user has their choice of several different magazine types and orientations at the point of purchase.

Check out the new Gunslinger and Gunfighter magazine carriers at Fury Carry Solutions.

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Fury Carry Solutions AR/M4 Universal Rifle Mag Carrier

Kydex AR-15 mag carriers are great but they are often molded to a specific type of magazine which can limit their usefulness to those who use multiple types of magazines. The new AR/M4 Universal Rifle Mag Carrier from Fury Carry Solutions is molded in such a way that it will accept and retain just about any AR-15 magazine. It is also somewhat unique in that it has adjustable retention which is not often seen on these pancake style carriers.

These will be available soon. Check out Fury Carry Solutions.

Fury Carry Solutions Universal AR Mag Pouch

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