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Forward Controls Design ATA – Adjustable Turret Cap for Aimpoint H1/T1 and H2/T2

This is probably the coolest thing you will see all day unless you are reading this while your wife is in labor. Forward Controls Design has developed a new cap for the windage and elevation knobs on Aimpoint H1/T1 and H2/T2 optics that does not have to be removed in order to adjust the optic!

The new ATA (Adjustable Turret cap for Aimpoint Micro T1/T2) ensure that you will never lose your caps or an o-ring again, both of which have happened to me. With the ATA installed on your Aimpoint Micro, you never need to remove them. You can just use a small flat blade screw driver or an improvised tool to dial your adjustments on the inner disc which can turn inside the outer cap.

Both the outer cap and inner disc are machined from 17-4 stainless steel. They come in a set of 2 caps which are marked individually for the elevation and windage turret. The caps are available in multiple finish options. The buyer can choose between a black QPQ finish or polished stainless for the outer part of the cap. The inner disc finish options include black QPQ, polished stainless, or bead blasted stainless.


Sneak Peek: Forward Controls Design ESF

Forward Controls Design gave us a sneak peek of their ESF (End plate, Sling adapter, Forward Controls Design). This prototype version is machined from 7075 aluminum but the production material has not been decided so it could change. The ESF is stakable. It supports the castle nut and provides 3 QD sling swivel sockets (one of each side and one on the back).

Stay tuned for final details.


LDFA-Ti-DLC from Forward Controls Design

The LDFA-Ti has been available for some time now but its somewhat shiny, raw titanium finish is not for everyone. Forward Controls Design just introduced a new version, the LDFA-Ti-DLC, that will appeal those those who want the light weight of titanium but in a more subdued finish.


This new LDFA (Low Drag Forward Assist) is just like the previous titanium version. It has the same lip-less design that makes it work so well with ambidextrous charging handles and the same lighweight, billet titanium construction. It differs in that it has been DLC coated for a deep, black finish.

Check out the LDFA-Ti-DLC at Forward Controls Design.

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