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Fight and Flight Tactical Skate Deck Carrier

When your dad is a gear maker, these kind of things happen…

fight and flight deck carrier

The image above is a MOLLE compatible skate deck carrier that Dave at Fight and Flight Tactical whipped up for his son. The wrap design is adjustable for width via 2 side release buckles (SRB) and straps. You simply release the SRBs to remove the deck.

If you are interested in purchasing something like this, let Fight and Flight Tactical know.

The Deafening Silence PVC Patch is Back!

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of patch collectors pulling credit cards out of their wallet at the same time. The Deafening Silence patch is back.

Deafening Silence Patches (PVC on left, embroidered on right)

Deafening Silence Patches (PVC on left, embroidered on right)

I wrote about this patch (and it’s embroidered older brother) almost 3 years ago and it has been sold out just as long. That original post still sees traffic to this day and receive an email once in a while asking where to get them. There is obviously still a demand for this attractive and poetic patch.

Check out the latest run of the Deafening Silence patch at Fight and Flight Tactical.

Fight and Flight Tactical LLAMA Packs in PenCott

Fight and Flight Tactical has added PenCott GreenZone and Badlands to their lineup of available colors and camo patterns for the LLAMA Pack.

pencott llama

If you haven’t checked out the LLAMA Pack in a while, it is worth clicking through to Fight and Flight Tactical to see all of the updates that have gone into the pack. They have greatly improved the back panel and shoulder straps and introduced several new Tailgates and aluminum frame stays. This is a very flexible design that continues to grow and evolve.

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