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DryFireMag is a magazine shaped training device that inserts in the magazine well of several popular defensive pistols and serves to automatically reset the trigger. It eliminates the need to manually reset the trigger and enhances safety by making it more difficult to insert live ammunition.

DryFireMag is available for Glock 10mm/.45 ACP frames, Glock 9mm/.40 SW frames, S&W M&P with Apex Trigger, S&W M&P without Apex Trigger, Springfield Armory XD, and Springfield Armory XDM.


DryFireMag is also available at F3 Tactical, who is one of the brand’s first authorized dealers.

F3 Tactical Moving Sale

If you are anywhere near F3 Tactical’s Metrotech Drive location in Chantilly, Virginia… Get over there. They are moving to a new, larger location (with lots of interesting possibilities) and the more they sell, the less they have to move. They have deals on Blue Force Gear, Ares Gear, Raven Concealment, TangoDown, Magpul, and more.

F3 Tactical says:

We’ll be making great deals at the cash register all week (Until 6pm on Saturday, Feb. 25th) so it’s first come, first serve on everything.

You can get some great deals, learn about what is next for F3 Tactical, and meet Bolt the wonder dog. It’s a win/win/win.

Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M

The AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M from Law Tactical is starting to make its way back to dealer’s shelves. I am a big fan of these, having used a Gen 3 for well over a year now on one of my most used guns. The only problem has been their lack of availability. That is about to change now that Law Tactical has brought a new producer online to improve quality and increase output.

Law Tactical Folding 3-M

The new adapters that ship will actually be referred to as Gen 3-M. This should be the best version of the adapters yet. They build on the improvements to the Gen 3 version with a new Ionbond DLC finish and easier to read instructional markings.

The Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M is available now at Brownells or pre-order from our friends at F3 Tactical who will have their shipment of adapters any moment now.

law tactical folder gen m3 info sheet

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