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Elzetta on Batteries

The most recent Elzetta video blog content is an important look at CR123A batteries. I have seen a handful of lights destroyed by mishaps with CR123A batteries and in all cases the batteries were cheap batteries that weren’t made in the USA. I have purchased cheap batteries in bulk only to find that the runtime was less than half in some cases.

US made CR123A batteries don’t have to cost much more than cheap foreign made batteries. This video points out that all domestically produced CR123A batteries are made in the same factory. Both Panasonic and Rayovac brand CR123A batteries are produced domestically and can be found at prices barely higher than the cheap non-domestic batteries. I have had great results with both.

Buying cheap, questionable quality CR123A batteries is false thrift… you’ll pay the price eventually.

Elzetta on Potted Electronics

In past reviews and posts, I have made a big deal about the very few lights I come across that have potted electronics. Elzetta, one of the few manufacturers who goes through the trouble and expense of potting their circuits, explains what it is and why it is a big deal in their latest video blog entry.



Mo’ Lumens, Mo’ Problems

The new Elzetta Blog has been putting out some excellent content. The latest post throws back the curtain on what some flashlight makers do in order to offer best in class output and how it might compromise the performance of the light.

The adoption of FL1 standards has largely taken away some of the old tricks that flashlight makers used to play in order to inflate their lumen ratings but less reputable makers still have a few ways to try and dupe us. Given that all LED emitters work within a specification of X amount of power in equals X amount of lumens out, you should be suspicious of makers who are claiming that their LEDs boast greater output than competitors who use the same emitter. They are either being deceitful or they are pushing the LED beyond safe levels of current which can greatly compromise its reliability and longevity.

You can read more about the Lumen Wars at Elzetta Blog.

Elzetta ZRX Light Mount Side

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