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New from Crusader Gear – CZ Scorpion EVO 6-Magazine Pouch

Crusader Gear’s newest pouch allows users to carry up to 6 CZ Scorpion EVO magazines at once, each with its own bungee retainer. It will fit factory CZ magazines, Magpul’s PMAG 35 EV9 magazines, and Palmetto State Armory AK-V magazines.

The pouch is constructed from 1000D Cordura Nylon. It holds 6 magazines in two stacked rows of 3. They affix to any MOLLE compatible surface via 3 included MALICE Clips.


New Scorpion EVO Mag Pouches from Crusader Gear

Crusader Gear’s new Scorpion EVO + Glock Mag Pouches let you carry magazines for the CZ Scorpion EVO in the primary pouches and either 2 or 4 double stack handguns magazines (or similarly shaped items) on the front pouches. The primary magazine pouches have an open top, bungee retention design while the handgun pouches are secured with flaps.

The Scorpion EVO + Glock Mag Pouches are constructed from 1000D Cordura Nylon. They are MOLLE compatible and ship with the MALICE clips necessary to mount them.

Scorpion EVO + Glock 2 Mag Pouches

Scorpion EVO + Glock 4 Mag Pouches

CZ Scorpion EVO Double Mag Pouch from Crusader Gear

Crusader Gear was getting a lot of questions about whether their line of Ruger 10/22 BX-25 Magazine Pouches would fit magazines for the CZ Scorpion EVO so… They made a dedicated pouch for the Scorpion EVO mags. The new pouch is based on the design of their 10/22 magazine pouches but scaled specifically for the Scorpion EVO.

The pouches are constructed from 1000D Cordura Nylon. They hold 2 magazines and retain them via pull tabs (bungee retainers). The pouches are MOLLE compatible and meant to be used with MALICE Clips or a similar product. The front of the pouch features loop material for displaying patches or ID.

Check out the CZ Scorpion EVO Double Mag Pouch from Crusader Gear.

Crusader Gear AR-15 Take Down Bag

You may remember Crusader Gear’s 10/22 Take Down Bag. That bag was designed hold a 10/22 Take Down separated into its two parts so that it can be stowed inside any other bag. They have brought that same functionality to the AR-15 with the introduction of their AR-15 Take Down Bag.

crusader gear ar-15 take down bag

The bag is designed to hold the upper and lower receivers of an AR-15 with plenty of room to keep just about any optic attached. There is a separate internal pouch that will hold the magazine. When all of the major parts are broken down and stored, the bag has a slim profile and a slick outside so that it can be slipped into a bag or pack. If you must carry the AR-15 Take Down Bag on its own, there are simple shoulder straps provided.

The AR-15 Take Down Bag is made from 1000D Cordura nylon. The interior is strategically padded to protect your carbine during transport. It can accept uppers with barrels up to 16″ in length plus a muzzle brake and there are several colors to choose from.

Check out the AR-15 Take Down Bag at Crusader Gear.

Crusader Gear – 10/22 Take-Down Bag

10/22 Takedown owners take note. Crusader Gear just released the bag that your 10/22 Takedown should have come with in the first place!

crusader gear 1022 take down 1

I am really glad to see this bag come to the market and I don’t even own a 10/22 Takedown (I will eventually). I contacted Crusader Gear months ago and asked if they ever considered making an improved bag for the 10/22 Takedown since they make so much 10/22 gear. Their response was “You mean like this?” It turns out they were already prototyping nearly exactly what I had in mind.

The bag has no external webbing, pockets, or Ruger billboard-sized logo so that it slides easily into another bag (like a hiking pack) and has a discreet appearance. It is lightly padded throughout to protect the rifle and optic… That’s right, it is sized to accept full sized optics if necessary. The back of the bag has provisions for attaching straps to created a backpack.

The bag is constructed from 400D Packcloth. All the internal seams are bound. The padding is thin closed cell foam and the flap style opening is secured with Velcro.

This looks to be huge improvement over the bag that ships with the 10/22 Takedown. Check out the 10/22 Take Down Bag at Crusader Gear.

crusader gear 1022 take down 2 crusader gear 1022 take down 3

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