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Powell Custom Holsters Laser Activating Kydex Holster

Powell Custom Holsters has come up with an interesting holster design for use with Crimson Trace Rail Master lasers mounted on a handgun. The holster is molded in such a way that the Rail Master’s on/off paddle is activated when the handgun is holstered and unholstered. This means that you can turn on the laser and then insert it into the holster where it will automatically be turned off. When the handgun is unholstered, the laser is automatically activated.

This could be an interesting set up to use in conjunction with night vision and the IR versions of the Rail Master.


Crimson Trace LG-489G for S&W Shield

Crimson Trace recently announced their latest laser for the popular Smith & Wesson Shield. The LG-489G is in their Laserguard series which means it attaches to the trigger guard and sits under the dust cover for a low profile. This particular model features a green laser diode which is more visible in day light.

lg489g-ghostedCrimson Trace says that they will have holsters available for purchase at the time of release. Given the popularity of CT products, you can expect that custom holster makers will also support the LG-489G.

Like all CT lasers, the LG-489G features their Instinctive Activation button which activates the laser when the handgun is gripped. This feature, coupled with their quality, is why I use their lasers.

Check out the new LG-489G at Crimson Trace.

New Crimson Trace LG-637 and LG-639 Glock LaserGrips

I own 2 different models of Crimson Trace LaserGrips for my Glocks. Those include the wrap around style LG-400 series and the earlier backstrap style LG-600 series. The LG-400 series has a lower-profile diode module that interferes with slide operation less but I prefer how the LG-6XX series makes the Glock’s grip feel (they straighten the backstrap a bit, reducing the grip angle). I have often wished that I could combine the best of both styles and it appears that Crimson Trace has done exactly that with the introduction of the LG-637 and LG-639 with both red and green lasers.

Crimson Trace Glock

The LG-637 and LG-639 fit the Gen3 Glock 17 (and similar) and Gen3 Glock 19 (and similar) respectively. They attach to your Glock’s backstrap via a provided, extra long locking block pin. The laser module appears to be smaller than that of the original LG-600 series LaserGrips and it is available with either a red or more daylight visible green laser. Additionally, the LG-637 and LG-639 feature a push-button master on/off switch like the LG-400 series LaserGrips.

These look like the best Glock LaserGrips yet! Check them out at Crimson Trace.

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