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Sneak Peek from Circle 10 AK and Zulu Nylon Gear: Circle 10 AK 3 Cell Chest Rig

Circle 10 AK and Zulu Nylon Gear are collaborating again. They have teamed up to produce the upcoming Circle 10 AK 3 Cell Chest Rig.

The new 3 Cell Chest Rig shares common features with their earlier collaboration, the 5 Cell Chest Rig. It has the same 1 mag, open top magazine pouches that can fit everything from 30 and 40 round AR-15 magazines to 30 round AK magazines thanks to their adjustable bungee retention. The 3 Cell Chest Rig also featuresĀ  a map/admin pocket behind the magazine pouches and the same lightweight harness that Zulu Nylon Gear uses on their RSCR.

These will be available from Circle 10 AK soon.



Circle 10 AK Reporting: Red Army Standard to Import Russian Vympel Ammo

Circle 10 AK broke the news this morning that Century Arms will be importing Russian Vympel Ammo under its Red Army Standard brand. Previously, this Vympel ammo was only imported by Golden Tiger and it was widely known to be of excellent quality though often in short supply.

Circle 10 AK made the following statement on Facebook:

If this move can put more affordable, high quality ammo in the hands of AK shooters, it will be a big win. The Golden Tiger ammo that I have used is hotter, cleaner, more accurate, and has less flash than your typical cheap steel case ammo.

CRH Customs AK Triangle Stock

The new Triangle Stock from CRH Customs is a drop in replacement for AKs equipped with a side folding stock rear trunnion with 4.5mm pin. This stock is has a traditional triangle stock appearance but it sports some modern features.


The hinge in machined from 4140 steel and the stock from 6061 aluminum with a hardcoat anodized finish. It features an aggressive texture on the buttplate and integral QD sling swivel sockets. The stock does not latch in the folded position. It uses a powerful magnet to hold it in place instead.

This stock weighs in at just under 15 ounces and it is 9″ long. It is made in the USA so it counts as a single 922(r) compliant part.

The CRH Customs AK Triangle Stock is available exclusively at Circle 10 AK.

AK Flush Fit Side Fold Adapter from Circle 10 AK and Manticore Arms

Circle 10 AK and Manticore Arms have collaborated to bring the new AK Flush Fit Side Fold Adapter to market. You may remember the sneak preview of this adapter from a few weeks ago.

20151016_071728 20151016_071909

ThisĀ AK Flush Fit Side Fold Adapter is designed to be used with the 4.5mm side folding trunnions commonly found on Bulgarian AKs (it is not for converting fixed stock AKs). It is for use with mil-spec diameter stocks and the end of the adapter features a threaded cap for storage. The innovation here is the relief cut in the side of the tube that allows it to fold against the receiver, covering the optic rail.

Check out the Circle 10 AK website for more details and to purchase.

Sneak Peek: Circle 10 AK Folding Stock Adapter

Circle 10 AK will be releasing a new folding stock adapter soon that should be plenty interesting to those of us who own AK’s with side folding stock trunnions with the 4.5mm pin (there may be a 5.5mm version available at a later date). The new adapter will allow you to swap out the stock for a collapsible AR-15 style extension that will accept AR style stocks. It will retain the ability to fold though it will not use the latch when folded. The images below shows an early prototype of the adapter while folded. Expect the production units to differ slightly than what is shown.

circle 10 ak folder proto 2 circle 10 ak folder proto

I recently tried to purchase a similar adapter from an overseas source. The entire experience was a pain in the rear and took forever. When I finally did receive it, it didn’t fit either of my AKs with this style of stock and it the extension was commercial diameter so I didn’t have a stock that would fit. It will be nice to have an adapter like this available from a domestic source.

Stay tuned for release details.

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