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Molleganizers from Blade Tricks

I have covered Blade Tricks on Blade Bomb before. They make a bunch of very slick edged tools and related items but their most recent product is not a knife, tomahawk, or even an impact weapon. It is a thin plastic sheet with a ton of possibilities.


Molleganizers are thin plastic sheets with a series of slots and holes cut into them to create a MOLLE compatible grid. The slots allow you to mount any MOLLE compatible pouches. The holes allow you to mount items that typically mount via screws like Safariland 6004 compatible pouches or gear that would normally use a Tek-Lok to mount. The holes can even be used to mount sections of 1913 rail so you can mount rail-mounted items.

These could be used to organize a bag or create a stand-alone organizer. They come in a variety of sizes to fit different applications. There is no shortage of possibilities for something like this.

Check out Molleganizers at Blade Tricks.

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