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On Blade Bomb: Testing Kydex in Extreme Cold

Gough Custom just did the world a great service. A client of his recently ordered a knife to be used on an Antarctic Research Mission and in case you didn’t know, it can get kind of cold there in Antarctica. Aaron Gough, the man behind Gough Custom, took that as a excuse to do some extreme cold testing on his Kydex sheaths and bring us along for the ride.

Gough Resolute Group 2 Gough Resolute Sheath

He used dry ice to chill the various test sheaths to -50C. Then he tested the retention and impact resistance of the sheath at various temperatures. The sheaths maintained solid retention at all temperatures and even though they could be cracked with a hammer at the lowest temps, they were surprisingly resilient.

Kudos to Gough Custom on the well done and educational video.

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On Blade Bomb: Vehement Knives Chute Knife

The chute knife is one the most recognizable designs in the world of custom cutlery. It seems that every knife maker tries their hand at the iconic pattern at least once in their career. Most of the time, their attempts don’t look that different from the original Bob Loveless version but sometimes a maker uses the design as a jumping off point to really make it their own.

vehement knives chute

That is the case with this chute knife inspired piece from Vehement Knives. It may not look like a chute knife at first glance but careful inspection reveals the influence. The proportions are spot on. The false edge is there though with a different profile than the typical chute knife. The drop point blade shape and double guard are on full display. The handle shares the contoured front strap shape and turned down butt of a chute knife.

Vehement Knives’ version also has some large departures from the original chute knife pattern. It has a large finger choil for choking up above the guard. The spine of the knife as a half circle blade catch. It also lacks the bolsters that you would typically see on a chute knife.

vehement knives chute handle

The chute knife pattern design is both very graceful and very aggressive in appearance. It melds clean lines with bold aggression and, while this Vehement Knives Chute Knife is not a 1 to 1 copy, it certainly shares the same sentiments as the original.

This knife is a not part of Vehement Knives’ regular line up but they are considering adding it. Check out Vehement Knives.

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Stealth – New from Joe Watson Knives and Hardwired Tactical Shooting

The HiTS knife, a collaboration between Joe Watson Knives and Darryle Bolke of Hardwired Tactical Shooting, has been a run away success. It will be a tough act to follow but they are going to try with the “Stealth”.

Joe Watson HiTS Stealth Hardwire Tactical shooting

The Stealth is a fairly versatile design that accommodates a number of techniques. It is basically a double edged American tanto shaped blade. The handle is finished with Joe’s excellent epoxy soaked cord wrap and features a deep finger groove for retention and indexing. By sharpening the straight spine of the tanto Joe and Darryle have created a knife that adapts quickly to edge in or edge out techniques – so much so that, at a glance, it is a dead ringer for a typical pikal knife.

The Stealth will be available soon. Check out Joe Watson Knives.

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