HiTS Knife from Joe Watson and Hardwired Tactical Shooting

The HiTS Knife is a collaboration between custom knife maker Joe Watson and tactical renaissance man Darryl Bolke of Hardwire Tactical Shooting. Just to make it clear that Darryl knows a thing or two about knife design… he designed the well known DB from Strider Knives.

Joe Watson HiTS Knife 2

The HiTS knife is designed to be an easy to carry and conceal self-defense knife. It is ground from thick stock but the overall form is quite slim for ease of carry. The main cutting edge is chisel ground relatively thin for such thick blade stock so that it can cut aggressively. The leading edge/point of this “tanto” shaped blade is reinforced to prevent the tip from breaking under the rigors of use. This is not a so-called sharpened pry-bar but it is a very stout knife.

Joe Watson HiTS Knife

The HiTS Knife’s handle, much like most of Joe’s knives, features a cord wrap. Joe impregnates the cord wrap with epoxy to make it permanent and extremely durable. I have used handles with this treatment before and found them to be very grippy and nearly impossible to remove without power tools. The knife also has aggressive jimping on the spine to aid in grip.


  • ATS-34 steel
  • 0.167″ thick
  • 7.875″ overall length
  • 3.5″ blade
  • 4.5oz (not including sheath)

The HiTS is provided with a kydex sheath that is compatible with a number of belt attachments including IWB soft loops, MOLLE locks, large teklocks and G-clips.

Training drones are available which is a hallmark of all well thought out personal protection blades.

Check out Joe Watson’s work at his new web store and on Facebook.

Joe Watson HiTS Knife Blade

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