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Bastion GAMUT Folder

The new GAMUT Folder is a collaboration piece between GAMUT Resolutions and Bastion. It features a very unique tanto-ish blade shape with a blunt, chisel-like tip. The 4″ blade is ground from S35VN steel. It opens via a flipper and the blade rides on ceramic bearings. The GAMUT’s frame is machined from titanium and the frame lock features a replaceable steel insert.

This knife was designed based on the experience of Bob Keller of GAMUT Resoltions. 10% of each knife sold goes to the Special Operations Care Fund, a 501(c)3 charity supporting the families of wounded and killed Special Operations Forces.

Check out the GAMUT Folder at Bastion.

BRAZA EDC Folder from Bastion

Bastion just launched their newest EDC knife and the timing is great (for you) because they also happen to be hosting a Valentine’s Day sale (see image below).

The BRAZA EDC Folder follows on the success of their PARTIZAN EDC Folder. The PARTIZAN was more of a slim, sleek, gentleman’s knife with tactical sensibility but the BRAZA is larger, more substantial, but but still very refined. It features a 3.75″ D2 blade with a sort of clipped, bull nose shape and a very tall primary grind.

The handle is stainless steel and incorporates the frame lock and a ball bearing system that makes the blade fire very smoothly via the integrated flipper. There is a lanyard loop built into the back spacer and a pocket clip set up for right side tip up carry.

Check out the BRAZA EDC Folder at Bastion.

Bastion EDC Spinners

If you are one of those people who fidgets constantly or has to do something to keep their hands busy, you probably know about spinners. Every day carry items that you can fidget with have been around since the dawn of time whether its a “worry stone” or a mechanical pen.

Spinners like the new EDC Spinners from Bastion are like those items but with a dash of precision machining, premium materials, and cool guy design sensibility thrown in. They are perfectly balanced objects that are meant to spin on a bearing for a long, long time. You can spin them to your heart’s content. It sounds strange if you haven’t tried it but it can be very satisfying – like spinning a top but more hands on.

Bastion’s EDC Spinners are machined from titanium because that is how Bastion rolls… or spins. They also have textured blue G-10 inlays and rotate on a precision ceramic bearing. They are available in 2 sizes and gold or silver anodized finishes.

Check out the EDC Spinners at BastionGear.com and see their Instagram feed for video of the EDC Spinners in action.

Bastion Launches New Site and the Partizan Folding Knife is Now Available

Bastion’s new premium EDC gear website is now live at BastionGear.com. The new site puts their line of unique, custom every day carry items front and center. All my favorites are there including their carbon fiber combs and the excellent Carboneer which is one of my most indispensable pieces of daily use gear.


The new site is good looking, easy to navigate, and has a handful of new products, the most exciting of which is Bastion’s new Partizan Folding Knife. They showed this sleek gentleman’s tactical knife at Blade Show and have been teasing it on their social media channels since then. Now it is finally available. You can read our previous post for additional details.


Everything about the Partizan is built to exude class right down to the custom designed boxes that encase them when they arrive on your door step. The design is thin, lightweight, and svelte. The blade moves smoothly when opening and close the knife.

That Partizan is available in three models all of which feature a saber ground D2 steel blade with a mild recurve, spear point blade shape. Each of the three models has a different handle treatment: full titanium frame lock, carbon fiber scale with titanium frame lock, and G-10 scales over liner lock.

Check out the new BastionGear.com.


Bastion LLC Partizan Folder

Blade Show 2016 kicks off today (June 3) and among the new knives on display, you will find this sleek beauty from Bastion LLC – The Partizan. The saber ground D2 steel blade tucks away into a titanium handle with frame lock. It also includes features like a slender pocket clip, lanyard hole, and a carved pivot pin. Visit Blade Show booth 704 to see the Partizan which will be available in limited numbers.

Bastion Partizan

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