Bastion EDC Spinners

If you are one of those people who fidgets constantly or has to do something to keep their hands busy, you probably know about spinners. Every day carry items that you can fidget with have been around since the dawn of time whether its a “worry stone” or a mechanical pen.

Spinners like the new EDC Spinners from Bastion are like those items but with a dash of precision machining, premium materials, and cool guy design sensibility thrown in. They are perfectly balanced objects that are meant to spin on a bearing for a long, long time. You can spin them to your heart’s content. It sounds strange if you haven’t tried it but it can be very satisfying – like spinning a top but more hands on.

Bastion’s EDC Spinners are machined from titanium because that is how Bastion rolls… or spins. They also have textured blue G-10 inlays and rotate on a precision ceramic bearing. They are available in 2 sizes and gold or silver anodized finishes.

Check out the EDC Spinners at and see their Instagram feed for video of the EDC Spinners in action.


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