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Radian Weapons Ultralight QD Endplate

There are a lot of “ultralight” QD end plates for the AR-15/AR-10 made from aluminum on the market and most share the same potential issue. Over time, the locking surfaces which are in near constant contact with a steel sling swivel and bearing most of the weight of the rifle can wear out. It takes a while, but I have had it happen.

Radian Weapons new Ultralight QD Endplate features mostly aluminum construction (7076-T6 with hard anodized finish) but the actual sling swivel cup is machined from titanium. This ensures that the Ultralight QD Endplate is both very lightweight but also more durable than endplates that are machined from aluminum alone.

Check out the Ultralight QD Endplate at RadianWeapons.com.

KDG and AXTS SCAR Talon Safety

Kinetic Development Group and AXTS Weapons Systems have teamed to bring the Talon ambidextrous safety to the SCAR family of rifles.

kdg axts talon scar

KDG is happy to announce our partnership with AXTS Weapon Systems of Salem Oregon! AXTS has made a name for itself with it’s popular Raptor charging handle and MI-T556 carbine, as well as the Talon safety for the AR-15. The new Talon Ambidextrous 45/90 Safety Selector is one of the most easy to install, user friendly safeties on the market, and a natural choice for the FNH SCAR series of rifle. AXTS will be selling the SCAR edition of their Talon exclusively through KDG, effective immediately! The Talon comes as user installable kit, allowing for full ambidextrous engagement of the selector. The patent pending design also allows for easy configuring of either a 45° short throw, or 90° throw as found on stock AR-15, M4 and M16 rifles. Now, users can match their safeties across various common platforms in both form and function all without removing the safety from the lower! The Talon features a screw-less design, so you will never have to worry about levers coming loose or falling off. This is a 2 lever kit with additional lever sizes available from AXTS. The SCAR TALON is made in America from 7075 aluminum, in MIL-SPEC hard black anodized (type III) finish. KDG will additionally have a FDE colored option available within a few weeks. Gain the benefit of additional leverage, increased engagement surface for larger hands, and ease of use when wearing gloves with the SCAR Talon safety selector!  MSRP is $79.95, and is available NOW on KDGs website and at authorized dealers. For more information, please visit kineticdg.com or email info@kineticdg.com

Talon 45/90 Ambidextrous Safety from AXTS Weapons Systems

axts talon

The new Talon 45/90 Ambidextrous Safety from AXTS Weapons Systems sports several innovative features. The 7075 aluminum levers are dovetailed to the selector core and are held on with a detent (AXTS called them retention studs) which is a very clever alternative to screws. The Talon can be switched from a standard 90 degree throw to a short 45 degree throw fairly easily (see the video below). There are four lever options and the Talon will typically come with your choice of two. They will be available in hard anodized Black and FDE, Burnt Bronze and Tungsten Cerakote colors.


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