Radian Weapons Ultralight QD Endplate

There are a lot of “ultralight” QD end plates for the AR-15/AR-10 made from aluminum on the market and most share the same potential issue. Over time, the locking surfaces which are in near constant contact with a steel sling swivel and bearing most of the weight of the rifle can wear out. It takes a while, but I have had it happen.

Radian Weapons new Ultralight QD Endplate features mostly aluminum construction (7076-T6 with hard anodized finish) but the actual sling swivel cup is machined from titanium. This ensures that the Ultralight QD Endplate is both very lightweight but also more durable than endplates that are machined from aluminum alone.

Check out the Ultralight QD Endplate at RadianWeapons.com.

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