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Black Friday at Radian

Radian is offering some excellent discounts this year for Black Friday. If you are looking for some excellent AR-15 accessories or a truly premium AR-15 this Christmas, look no further.

  • 20% OFF OF ALL ACCESSORIES           


Radian Weapons showcases Competition Series AR15 Accessories

For Immediate Release
January 23, 2019
Redmond, Oregon

Radian Weapons is pleased to announce that its new Raptor/Talon Competition series will be present at the Radian booth, #959, during SHOT Show 2019.

The new lineup features Radian’s classic Raptor/Talon design and is built with aircraft grade 7075 aluminum, with Type III hard anodized handles. The new additions to our accessory line come in both red and blue – perfect for the action match shooter who wants to upgrade their build! Like all Raptors and Talons, they are Made in the USA.

Like its predecessors, this Raptor is truly revolutionary in design and function. Its fluid designed designed to streamline motion and increase manipulation speed. Rapid palm blading or finger-thumb charges are fast whether from the support or “strong” side. Don’t forget you will receive a discount on a Talon Safety Selector if purchased along with a Raptor Charging handle.

Learn more by connecting with Radian on social, @radianweapons on Instagram, @radianweapons on Twitter, and on Facebook, /RadianWeapons/. Or, you couldjust go straight to the and buy one. That would probably be best (and you’ll thank yourself later).

If you’re at the NSSF SHOT Show, come and see us!

Radian Weapon Systems is dedicated to excellence in firearms design and manufacturing. Home of the Raptor charging handle, Talon safety, Model 1 rifle series and numerous top-tier rifle accessories.



Happy Thanksgiving!  From 12:01 a.m. Friday until 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, shop www.radianweapons.com/blackfriday for huge discounts on Radian rifles, uppers, and select closeout and blemished accessories!  Act fast because supplies are limited to stock on hand.  Rifles and upper receivers are built to order, so allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Radian Weapons Ultralight QD Endplate

There are a lot of “ultralight” QD end plates for the AR-15/AR-10 made from aluminum on the market and most share the same potential issue. Over time, the locking surfaces which are in near constant contact with a steel sling swivel and bearing most of the weight of the rifle can wear out. It takes a while, but I have had it happen.

Radian Weapons new Ultralight QD Endplate features mostly aluminum construction (7076-T6 with hard anodized finish) but the actual sling swivel cup is machined from titanium. This ensures that the Ultralight QD Endplate is both very lightweight but also more durable than endplates that are machined from aluminum alone.

Check out the Ultralight QD Endplate at RadianWeapons.com.

AXTS is Now Radian

AXTS is now Radian. They will continue to offer their excellent and well known Raptor Charging Handle along side their other accessories and complete carbine, now called the Radian Model 1. You can visit RadianWeapons.com to learn more about their brand and product line.

In an effort to align our brand with the precise and meticulous manufacturing of our products we’re proud to announce today AXTS Weapons Systems is launching a new name – Radian Weapons. We’re the same AXTS Weapons System product you’ve always loved, with a brand new look.

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