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The Lux from Armordillo Concealment

You may remember the Armordillo Concealment X-FER Holster, a minimalist holster that locked onto the weapon light rather than a specific handgun which allowed it to be used with any handgun that would accept the same weapon light. Armadillo Concealment’s newest holster, The Lux, builds on that concept. It still locks on the the light but it adds more coverage to protect the user from coming in contact with a hot gun which is important during training. The additional coverage also allows Armordillo Concealment to fit The Lux with a more traditional and substantial belt clip. They can also do things that enhance concealment like angling the clip to turn the butt of the grip in toward the wearer.


The Lux is already known to work with just about any of the 9mm/.40S&W double stack Glocks, the full-size S&W M&P, and the full-size Springfield XD. It should also work with countless other similarly sized guns. It is available for the Surefire X300, Surefire X300 Ultra, and Streamlight TLR-1 family of lights.

Check out The Lux at Armordillo Concealment.

Armordillo Concealment X-FER

The X-FER from Armordillo Concealment is a compact, minimalist kydex holster that accommodates a weapon mounted light. There are other holsters that are similar on the market but few, if any, work with a weapon mounted light.

The holster is called the X-FER because it can be transferred to any handgun that will fit a weapon light. The holster actually locks onto the light instead of the handgun.

Check out the X-FER at ArmordilloConcealment.com.

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