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New from Arbor Arms: Stowable Nalgene Pouch – 16oz

Arbor Arms has introduced a new smaller version of their Stowable Nalgene Pouch – Gen2. This new version is sized down for 16-ounce Nalgene bottles. At just 1 ounce in weight, this pouch offers a ton of versatility as, in addition to a Nalgene, it can carry a variety of items like 2 AR mags or a multitude of other small items. When the pouch is not needed, it can be stowed in a very small footprint so it won’t get in the way.

Learn more about the Stowable Nalgene Pouch – 16oz: https://arborarmsusa.com/shop/arbor-arms-hydration/stowable-nalgene-pouch-16oz/

Or the larger 32-ounce version: https://arborarmsusa.com/shop/arbor-arms-hydration/stowable-nalgene-pouch-gen-2/

Arbor Arms Dump Mag Insert

The new Dump Mag Insert from Arbor Arms helps you optimize the space on your battle belt:

Introducing another Arbor Arms New for 2021 product, the Dumpmag Insert, The Dumpmag Insert Allows you to add a single rifle Magazine behind our Stowable Dump Pouch.

The design takes advantage of the existing flap stow channel while still allowing the Dump pouch to be stowed when not in use or when reducing potential snag hazards is a priority. The Dumpmag Insert is compatible with both AR15 and AR10/SR25/M110 magazines. when not in use the insert goes flat against the belt and the shock cord mag retainer can be stowed in the channel out of the way.

This simple addition allows you to add an additional magazine when the mission dictates or have the ability to add a rifle mag if you do not usually run a rifle mag on your Belt Kit.

Get yours today at ArborArmsUSA.com!

Arbor Arms Dual Adjust Slings

Arbor Arms has launched a new line of what they call Dual Adjust Slings. These aptly named slings can be quickly adjusted two ways from a single location on the sling.

We are proud to release of new Dual Adjust Weapon Slings! We have been in R&D to create an innovative and intelligent sling system to enhance your weapon systems.

There has been spirited debate on what the best sling on the market is, is it a slider sling or is it a camming sling?

We found the Dual Adjust Weapon Sling combines the Advantages of close loop slider slings  with easy adjustment and no tail for both loose and patrol adjustments length. However like a cam sling it allows you to over tighten when needing to go hands free be it for medical, detainee management, climbing, or fast roping.

There are 4 styles of Dual Adjust Weapon Sling;  the Carbine ( DA-C ), the Heavy ( DA-H ), the Precision Rifle Sling-Light (DA-PRS-L ),the Precision Rifle Sling-Heavy  (DA-PRS-H ).

The Dual Adjust Weapon Sling is designed to create a fast, easy to operate sling system for the best possible weapon retention on the market.


Introducing the Good’nuff Gun Belt – Arbor Arms

Forget the cheap knock-off gear. Arbor Arms can put you in an functional and upgradable belt rig at a very, very affordable price.

From Arbor Arms:

The Good’nuff Gun Belt system (GGB) is an economical belt kit to get the everyday American shooters in your life a solid base setup that’s proudly made in the USA this Christmas, At under $60 the three piece base kit includes the “Sash” (laser cut MOLLE Belt), the “Stash” (2 x Rifle/2 x Pistol pouch) and the “Bucket” (one size fits most holster) and is upgradable with our GGB Medical pouch designed to accommodate the North American Rescue Individual Aid Kit and NAR CAT Gen7 tourniquet (or similar TQ) in either the horizontal or vertical orientation. The GGB is also compatible with all of our other MOLLE pouches such as our Stowable Dump Pouch, Multi-Function Pouch, Stowable Nalgene Pouch as well as any other 3rd party MOLLE/PALS compatible pouches.

The GGB is designed to be a viable solution to equip your friends and family that are new to the tactical market with a kit that is good,nuff to give them a way to safely carry their new pistol and ammo. It is not designed to be the 100% solution but it is a simple, adaptable, durable starting point to get them started and allow for incremental additions and upgrades as they have the budget to do so.

At Arbor Arms We Believe that All Americans Should Have access to professional quality Kit that’s made by American right here in the USA.

Good,nuff Gun Belt: https://arborarmsusa.com/shop/everday-american/goodnuff-gun-belt-2/#ggb-options

GGB Med Pouch: https://arborarmsusa.com/shop/medical/ggb-medical-pouch/

Arbor Arms Ambush Belt

Arbor Arms just introduced the Ambush Belt and it has a very clever trick. It is fully MOLLE compatible… while also being thin enough (.2″) to pass through the belt hardware of a duty holster!

From Arbor Arms:

The AMBUSH BELT™ is a minimalist MOLLE belt that is very lightweight, extremely low-profile but still stiff enough to support a fighting load. The AMBUSH BELT™ was designed for users that require the lowest profile system possible but still desire the stiffness and stability of a layered belt system. The AMBUSH BELT™ is the thinnest MOLLE belt on the market at just under .200 inches thick, and at the incredibly low weight of 6.2 oz*. The AMBUSH BELT™ also features our Double Reduction Cinch System that allows the belt to be tightened easily while worn for perfect stability and comfort.  The AMBUSH BELT™ features our innovative “Half MOLLE” design that allows additional modularity and customization of the belt configuration while still remaining extremely durable thanks to its Laser cut laminated construction.


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