Arbor Arms Dump Mag Insert

The new Dump Mag Insert from Arbor Arms helps you optimize the space on your battle belt:

Introducing another Arbor Arms New for 2021 product, the Dumpmag Insert, The Dumpmag Insert Allows you to add a single rifle Magazine behind our Stowable Dump Pouch.

The design takes advantage of the existing flap stow channel while still allowing the Dump pouch to be stowed when not in use or when reducing potential snag hazards is a priority. The Dumpmag Insert is compatible with both AR15 and AR10/SR25/M110 magazines. when not in use the insert goes flat against the belt and the shock cord mag retainer can be stowed in the channel out of the way.

This simple addition allows you to add an additional magazine when the mission dictates or have the ability to add a rifle mag if you do not usually run a rifle mag on your Belt Kit.

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