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ACI Exclusive ECO M-LOK Handguards

Andro Corp Industries’ new ECO M-LOK Handguards are now available. These rails are have been designed by SLR Rifleworks exclusively for ACI. They are available for purchase separately in 9″ and 15″ lengths or pre-installed on various ACI uppers/complete rifles.


The ECO M-LOK Handguard features QD sling swivel sockets (up to 4 on the 15″ version). The central part of the rail has an aggressive lightening cut pattern while the muzzle end features M-LOK attachment slots where they will most commonly be used for mounting lights, bipods, and similar items. It makes use of the slip fit mounting design as found on other SLR Rifleworks handguards. The 7075 aluminum barrel nut can be mounted wit the SLR Rifleworks wrench or a standard barrel nut wrench.

Learn more about the new ECO M-LOK Handguards at Andro Corp Industries.



ACI 7.5″ Barrel Special – $140 with a Pinned Low Profile Gas Block

I purchased a 7.5″ 5.56 chambered AR-15 upper a while back mostly for fun but also see what, if any, purpose a super short 5.56 could serve. I purchased that upper from Andro Corp Industries (ACI) and it has been a solid performer. I wrote two articles about the experience that chronicled some of what I found – Times of Have Changed: Why You Might Actually Want to Try a 7.5″ 5.56 AR-15 Build and a response to the more silly reactions to the article 5.56x45mm Fired From a 7.5″ Barrel is Just a Glorified .22LR. I can tell you that, while super short 5.56 guns are not an ideal barrel length/caliber pairing, they are a lot of fun and they are far better than some would lead you to believe.

One of the biggest reasons I finally decided to try a 7.5″ build is the availability of affordable 7.5″ barrel options that actually worked. ACI builds their uppers with Ballistic Advantage (BA) barrels who takes great care getting these short barrels to run without the horrific over gassing that seems to plague cheap barrels of this type. ACI is also a dealer for BA barrels and that leads me to the point of this already long-winded post…


ACI has a special on the Modern Series 7.5″ barrel from BA right now. This is a 4150 barrel that has been Melonite QPQ processed inside and out. It features a 1 in 7″ twist and pistol length gas system. It also comes with a pre-installed low-profile gas block that has been pinned in place. This is a great start to any 7.5″ build and it is on sale for $140 which is a steal.

Check out the barrel at ACI.

Andro Corp Industries Launches New Site and Products

AR-15 builder Andro Corp Industries just upgraded their little corner of the web. The new site has easier navigation via menus at the top of the page and a ton of new products including complete rifles and new uppers. They have expanded their selection of uppers with SLR Rifleworks hand guards and have more Ballistic Advantage 18″ and 20″  Wylde chambered precision offerings too. Check out the new AndroCorpInd.com.


Andro Corp Industries Adds SLR Rifleworks Hand Guard Options

Andro Corp Industries (ACI) is known for offering good quality, complete AR-15 upper receiver groups at a very budget friendly price. Many of their upper regularly cost less than $400. Don’t let the prices fool you into think these aren’t quality uppers. They use barrels from Ballistic Advantage and come with various hand guard options in that price range including free float rails.

In addition to their more budget friendly line, ACI has been introducing uppers that have more premium features but are still reasonably priced. Many of these more premium uppers include rails from SLR Rifleworks who is now providing OEM support for ACI. That means you will see more SLR Rifleworks hand guards with ACI branding on uppers going forward.

The availability of reasonably priced uppers with Ballistic Advantage barrels and SLR Rifleworks hand guards is a win for AR-15 shooters. Check out the full line of uppers in various calibers at Andro Corp Industries.


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