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Low Speed, High Drag T-Shirt from 2A-GEAR

I am glad that there are people in this world that are much more high speed than me. Thank you to all you high speed guys who stand between this country and hordes of evil doers. I appreciate the hard work and sacrifice of all you high speed, low drag guys.

We can’t all be high speed. I do what I can to be ready to protect my family, but I am far from high speed, low drag. You could probably say that I am low speed, high drag (hence the tag line of this blog). It may be that some of you are low speed, high drag, too. If that is the case, 2A-Gear has the shirt for you (and me).

You can check out this shirt and other great items at 2A-GEAR.com.

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2A-GEAR Unveils New Website

2A-GEAR just rolled out their new website. The new site makes finding the Second Amendment supporting gear that you want even easier. It also features an expanded product line with books, hats, t-shirts, patches, along with gear from Jones Tactical and I Kick Hippies.

Zac at 2A-GEAR graciously provided me with some samples of their gear. The t-shirts are a nice weight 100% cotton. The fit and quality are excellent. They also provided 2 decals which are very slick. The Gadsden Snake die cut vinyl sticker will find a permanent home on my truck. This may just be the coolest vinyl sticker that I have ever seen.

Several of 2A-GEAR’s awesome shirts are on sale right now at their website.

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I recently came across 2A-GEAR. If you want to declare your stance on the 2nd Amendment then you will want to check out their site.

Often it seems that t-shirts and hats that show support for the 2nd Amendment look more than just a little dated. Their designs are not something that I would choose to wear. That is not the case with 2A-GEAR. Their designs are fresh and current with a serious message.

I’m impressed.

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