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TAREINCO Patch Field Strips

The Patch Field Strips from TAREINCO look like handy little buggers. They are strips of webbing with loop material sewn on them that can be secured in a column of PALS webbing. You can place several of them together to create as large or as small of a patch panel as you need. In addition to serving as patch panels, these would also be excellent for placing on the lower front of a plate carrier to make it compatible with chest rigs like those from Mayflower R&C or Extreme Gear Labs.

The Patch Field Strips are sold in packs of two. Check them out at TAREINCO.

TAREINCO_Patch_Filed_Strip_FRONT__27157.1348615273.1280.1280 TAREINCO_Patch_Filed_Strip_installed_on_PALS_webbing__62522.1348615273.1280.1280

Patch Collecting: SSD Keep Calm and Return Fire Patch


I visit Soldier Systems Daily multiple times every day so when they worked with Mojo Tactical to adapt the “Keep Calm and Return Fire” SSD motto to patch form, I picked one up. That is the short version.

The long version is that it took me several tries before I caught them in stock. This patch is so popular that it is rarely in stock at the Mojo Tactical Facebook store. It can be hard to find but it is worth the effort.

Check out Soldier Systems Daily.

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