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Ballistic Advantage YouTube Channel

Ballistic Advantage (BA) just launched their YouTube channel with a video about their 7.5″ BA Hanson Barrels. It is fitting that they kicked off with a video about their short barrels because, in my opinion, they do them very well and their 7.5″ barrels in particular have a reputation for running very well. It all comes down to gas port diameter and BA has shown that they are not afraid to go small on gas ports.

In fact, on every BA barrel I have seen, from their lower end to their premium offerings, the gas ports are consistently smaller than just about anything else I have put hands on. This contributes greatly to how “smooth” their barrels are under recoil. I haven’t had a single reliability issue with a BA upper or barrel that can be tied to the barrel. They function fine with a range of ammo and much of what I use is loaded to .223 specs, not the higher pressure 5.56.

It makes me wonder why some manufacturers go so large at the gas port. If you have ever torn down a high round count AR, you know that gas ports don’t get smaller over time. They start eroding from the moment you start shooting them so it makes sense to start out as small as you can and still allow for reliable function.

Check out Ballistic Advantage.

KNS Precision Hammer Cage

Now this is a handy widget!

If you just build an AR-15 or two every once in a while, this might not be necessary. If you are building or rebuilding them frequently, the new Hammer Cage from KNS Precision might just slow the rate at which you fill your swear jar. Simply put, the Hammer Cage takes the spring tension off of the hammer which makes installing (and removing) the hammer pin much easier.


Henry Holsters Glock 43 AIWB Holster

Henry Holsters has their Glock 43 holsters tuned in and ready to carry. They have one of the first AIWB options available for Glock’s new single-stack 9mm.


These holsters are molded to CNC machined molds that are made in house. They are molded from Boltaron 4332 plastic and have a wedge molded into the back that help keep the butt end of the gun tucked in toward the wearer’s body. They also have user adjustable ride height via a strut and all stainless steel hardware.

Check out Henry Holsters.

ALG Defense EMR V3 M-LOK

The ALG Defense EMR V3 M-LOK is now available to purchase. This M-LOK compatible version of the EMR features a full length, integral top rail unlike the V0 which has no integral top rail and the V2 which has a short integral top rail at the muzzle end.

The EMR series of rails are not just nice rails “for they money.” They would be nice rails if they cost 50% more. These are easily one of the best values out there, especially if you are looking to keep weight to a minimum.


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