Resolute X-1: Ultralight Titanium Knife

What happens when engineers with an aerospace manufacturing background set their minds to designing a disposable utility blade based, EDC knife to be as slim, light, and simple as possible? The Resolute X-1 happens.

Resolute Tools is a new company that seeks to bring aerospace engineering principles to bear on the EDC market. The potential for such an approach is clear when you take a look at their first tool, the Resolute X-1, with its clever use of material properties and extreme simplicity of design.

The Resolute X-1 has three main components: a standard utility blade, a bronze blade holder, and a titanium frame. The blade rides in the blade holder which is machined from naturally low friction allowing to slide in the titanium frame. The titanium frame has an integral leaf spring that provides detent action for the blade holder so it snaps into the open and closed positions. It’s a very clever design that keeps the entire package slim and simple.

The titanium frame is radically skeletonized to reduce weight and bulk. It fully encapsulates the sharp edges of the utility blade when it is retracted and has an integral pocket clip. The result is an EDC knife that is just .282″ thick and weighs less than half of an ounce! If you carry a larger knife regularly, this may be the perfect companion to it.

Resolute Tools is currently launching the Resolute X-1 on Kickstarter. You can learn a lot more about the design and its creators on their campaign page: Resolute X-1 on Kickstarter

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