New From East Corner Holsters: Manifold

East Corner Holsters has introduced the Manifold, a mounting panel that turns IWB holsters into hook-backed holsters suitable for off-body carry in a loop-lined EDC bag like those from Blue Force Gear or Vertx.

The Manifold is the newest and best solution for off-body carry (but we may be slightly biased in that opinion). This mounting platform velcros a flat plain of kydex in your hook-lined bag, and uses a cradle and velcro strap to offset your IWB carry holster for a proper grip, while securing it in a bag (best results with our Maximus or Artimus). This negates the need for a specialty holster for their bag’s hook field, and for the user to also keep their empty carry holster if they wanted to transition at any point. Just strap in your carry holster, and unstrap it when you want to transition to on-body carry. No awkward holster/unholster work in your car in a parking lot.

This could be a good way to put some of those holsters that you have relegated to the holster box back to use.

One Response to New From East Corner Holsters: Manifold

  1. Gerard March 11, 2020 at 13:21 #

    This is brilliant. Makes me glad I didnt toss out all my old kydex holsters

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