Nitecore CI7

Nitecore’s new CI7 signals their push into the night vision market. The CI7 boasts 2500 lumen white light output and 7000mW IR in the same light.

NITECORE CI7 is recognized as the ultimate flashlight for night vision. Its dual output flashlight pushes an incredibly bright 2500 lumens white light reaching over three hundred yards. Rotating the flashlight head instantly turns the CI7 into an adjustable 7000mW long – range illuminator, this 940 nm IR light is invisible to the human eyes, can only be detected by night vision or thermal vision. Providing both high-power infrared and white light, CI7 enables you to switch from stealth maneuvers to swift actions, which makes CI7 an indispensable tool for scouting, searching, rescue, hunting, and law enforcement. The CI7 comes with all the standard features you expect on a NITECORE flashlight IP68 waterproof, Mode memory, high-efficiency constant current, and advanced temperature regulation. The CI7 is an ideal flashlight for night vision applications.

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